1. D

    Lyrics contribute to an interesting song

    The best sites for lyrics should include the most important features. They should be well designed, easy to navigate, and offer a variety of optimization options that are easy to reach for those who need it. That means that songtexte will probably satisfy the most basic things for the person who...
  2. Xander Ogilvie

    Music Ghost Writing

    Looking to do some music writing for upcoming rappers, let me know if you’re interested.
  3. C

    videos with famous songs lyrics

    I was about to post the video but it's not allowed. I want to post a video to show the lyrics of a song and show the lyrics translation piece by piece without the audio of the song. I posted a video like that 2 days ago and it hasn't been taking down yet (it has 200 views) - is it against the...
  4. Livid

    Music Looking for a song writer to for Rap/Song

    I'm looking for somebody to help create a Geometry based song for school. I get it it sounds really weird and not exactly fun but If we could make a really great song. Im going to direct a Music Video and its gonna turn out really cool and not like all the other Math based songs on Youtube...
  5. 6

    Music Singers needed for an english fan dub of an anime opening

    Hey, my channel's name is 6six6 and to be brutally honest I have no videos on my channel. I do however, have experience in video editing (just basic green screen effects, nothing to fancy) and song writing. I decided not to upload the project I was working on because reasons~ As of recently...
  6. Adelle

    Anime Opening Cover!

    This is my first ever cover and I am very excited! I don't have the best voice but I really enjoy singing and I love anime songs, so why not? =)