1. O

    Music Quintessence - Original/Cover Music Group - Auditions (Singers, composers, mixers, + more)

    If interested please visit us on twitter @Quintessencetwt for audition forms and vocalist samples/links! Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can...
  2. SorryNoTitle

    Music Walkers MASSIVE Acapella Colaboration

    Hey Walkers, This is a MASSIVE collaboration of many Walkers (Fans Of EDM Legend, Alan Walker) around the World. The project is mainly an acapella cover of a mashup of all his songs up till Diamond Heart. You can either contribute to the vocals, the chords, the notes or beats. All those...
  3. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For Singers And Or Rappers For a Collaboration Album

    Hello i am a rapper by the name of King Martinez.. i am taking music very seriously and i am on the grind trying to create something great, i am searching for singers and rappers with the same ethic and desire to create. you dont need to be the greatest artist to join, all you need is a mic a pc...
  4. B

    Music Looking for singers or rappers to collab with

    I'm Bugsy06 and I'm an average high school producer. I'm looking for singers or rappers to collab with. maybe you could sing or rap over my instrumentals. if you are interested in collabing with me, email me at
  5. Verny

    Music RnB, HIPHOP Artist interested in BEATS

    Are there any RnB Singers, Rappers or Reggae artists intersted in collaborations. As long as I get referenced and credited for the song I have no problem with the collab. Must have that ability to swag a song. Be creative and enjoy.
  6. SorryNoTitle

    Music Female Vocalists/Singers CHECK THIS OUT

    Hey Guys, If you're a female singer and between the age (12-32), I have an offer for you. I have made a background score, and lyrics for a song, which I will be posting on My Channel. Its gonna be an English song, so you'll need the basic accent and stuff. If you're ready for it, then You Have...
  7. Jonatan Moser

    Music Looking for a female singer to sing duet(s) with

    Hey women of YTTalk! I recently went over all of my videos, and it hit me, that I've only done collabs with two female artitsts - apart from that they've all been male. I'd like to spice things up a bit, so I'm currently on the look out for talented female collaborators, wanting to do some...
  8. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking to Collaborate Singers&Rappers

    looking to collab with any of you talented youtubers on one or more songs im really serious so please be ready to create(: if youre up for it please message me at. facebook /MrKingMartinez if you want to hear some of my music just search "King Martinez" in YouTube search
  9. QueenGabriella

    Feedback on Latest Video?

    Hey homies! So basically I just want some feedback on my videos. As of now I have good feedback, but any criticism is always appreciated. Soo if you'd please, check out my video below! (or I mean you can check out all of them but- wait what was my point again?)
  10. 6

    Music Singers needed for an english fan dub of an anime opening

    Hey, my channel's name is 6six6 and to be brutally honest I have no videos on my channel. I do however, have experience in video editing (just basic green screen effects, nothing to fancy) and song writing. I decided not to upload the project I was working on because reasons~ As of recently...
  11. MagesticDragon

    Music Calling All Singers [A Humongous Cover Project!]

    I want to make a very special collaboration video. I want to get a special message out that no matter what our background is, we're still connected around the world despite gender, race, sexuality, etc. I don't have a set # of singers but the more the merrier. However you will have to go...
  12. Maarij Bashir


  13. sincere tk

    Music Looking 2 Do Side By Side Video Covers With Aspiring Singers

    Hey I Rap and Songwrite I Love to Do Freestyle over the Latest Beats and Tracks Looking For Some Ppl to Collab On Weekly Covers With In Side By Side Videos?
  14. Jacob Pyle

    Other In need of talented individuals for Pyle and Company...

    Pyle and Company is looking for comedians, singers, musicians, jugglers, etc. Just about any type of talent that you guys have and would want to feature on Pyle and Company. We are getting ready for our new 3rd season in August, and we could use people like that on our show. If interested...
  15. G

    Music Musicians Wanted :)

    Hi everyone! I'm a youtuber who does covers and I'm currently looking for other artists to collaborate with! I'm thinking of cross promoting by doing 2 covers, one for my channel and one for yours! You can pick any song you like for your channel and vice versa. I am currently also seeking for a...
  16. JEJ

    Let it Go Cover (James Bay)- Jej Millanes (looking for future COLLAB)

    Hi guys! I'm new to this community and I'm an aspiring youtuber. Please check out my cover of Let it Go by James Bay and let me know what you think! P.S. I live in the LA area and I'm looking for future collaborations with producers, vocalists, songwriters, filmmakers, and instrumentalists...
  17. Starseed Beats

    Music Research a singer to make a Nina Simone Feelin Good Remix

    Hi guys ! I'm an hip hop producer. I want to make a remix of the classical Nina Simone Feelin Good song, but I need a vocal, not the original. So, I ask you to make me an acapella version of this song with a good record quality to help me to make my remix, it's better if you can send me by...
  18. JPST

    Music Female Singer Final Call

    I'm currently in the process of writing a minecraft parody that is in need of a voice actor(singer). I have an animators and will acquire the animation in the upcoming days. I just need an singer who can put the music to peoples ears. If this project ends up making money then we would be able to...
  19. JamiesVlogUK


    Hello Vloggers, Singers, Gamers, Voice Actors, Make Uppers and everyone else out there! So REWIND 2015 has been uploaded onto the web and while it puts the big named YouTubers in the spotlight, it makes me beg the question, WHAT ABOUT US?! We may not have that many fews and we may not be...
  20. Rehannah

    Thoughts on Singers/Songwriters on YouTube

    So what do you all think about the YouTubers that do YouTube covers and get famous? Or what about the ones that aren't famous yet? What do you all suggest they do? What about those who think they aren't good enough and therefore don't put up anymore videos? Also do you all know any sites to get...