Music Singer needed for parody!

Hey Jesse!

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Hi everyone! Currently i'm in the process of making a Bart baker style parody of Jacob Sartorius "Sweatshirt"
I mainly need a male to sing the song, however there is a small part that requires a female to sing it. You can email me at and tell me that your from yttalk. All I ask is that you have some kind of example I can listen to. I'll send back an email with the lyrics and a instrumental to go along. I will of course give credit at the start, end, and in the description box.

This is my first Bart baker style parody, however I did make past parodys before. The lyrics will be clean.

If I don't pick you to sing the parody it doesn't mean that I won't in the future! I will be definitely be making more parodys and I'll shoot you an email if you'll be interested.