1. Courtney Candice

    Why I hate wearing glasses

  2. The Unwanted Letter

    Is it a short film or skit??

    hey all. So i have seen on youtube there are not a lot of short film channels, now what i mean is channels dedicated for short films only and upload them at a decent pace. I dont consider rocket jump and corridor digital short film channels as they are just vfx guys imo. So looking into it i was...
  3. SupWithT

    Gonna Start Small...

    Well I know I have a goal right now to reach 50 subs on my channel without the use of fake subscription websites. My main aspiration also is to use partial of the money I gain from Youtube, once I get good, is to donate to charity (Planned on this from this jump soooooo :smug:). So I figured...
  4. Courtney Candice

    I hate wearing glasses

  5. Courtney Candice

    Welcome back mcr

    Welcome back mcr yesterday welcome back mcr was trending on Twitter, are they getting back together? You will find out in this video!
  6. Courtney Candice

    Bad hair day

  7. Courtney Candice

    Asmr in real life

  8. R

    Skits That Go Unnoticed

    Our reaction videos get a lot of views! Obviously because of the name, title and tags...but how come original video ideas, parodies and skits are hard to be discovered and don't do so well? When people are actually able to find them, they love our Beauty and the Beard Skits!! We did pretty good...
  9. SinLeviathan

    10 Ways To Get Over That Break Up

  10. SinLeviathan

    Only good friends pull this kind of sh!!t

  11. Courtney Candice

    Common mistake in horror movies

  12. SinLeviathan

    Would you buy a Nintendo Switch??

    Are you gonna buy a Nintendo Switch?
  13. Breana

    Comedy Collabs for days!

    hey guy! i wanna spice up my channel more and collab with other youtubers ! it can be a skit, challenge any fun!! my youtube channel is InFamous Queen if you guys wanna check me out hope to collab with some of you guys soon :)
  14. Courtney Candice

    Bad hair day

    everyone knows what it's like to have a bad hair day, so I made this short skit about it!
  15. Jacob_Dessauer

    Comedy Looking for someone to colab in the Northern Indiana/Chicago area

    I'm out in Stark County Indiana but am very flexible to travel. I focus on doing comedy skits that focus on a sort of shock factor. I am not posting at the moment but I am rebuilding my channel to focus around two main skits, one being the "Magical Deep Sea Adventure!" series and another around...
  16. Clarissa O. & Emily G.

    Short Film Short film and beauty communities collide

    Hello everyone! :) Our channel contains a lot of beauty and life related videos, but I don't think that should stop you from collabortating with us! (Yes, I realize I'm in the short film section :P). I've always had the idea of collaborating with someone who wants to bring a funny side to the...
  17. ZinQ Nasty

    Channel Review Feedback

    I have been Creating on Youtube for almost a year off and on. I have been going strong ever since the fall and have some good gaming content coming as well as skits. However, I would like some reviews on my channel, I want to know some of my weaknesses that i can fix and some of my strengths...
  18. T

    Comedy Collab?

    Hey everyone! New too this forum. I'm looking for people to collaborate with to make comedy or gaming videos with. I'm into 'stupid funny' and would like to do skits and what not. Anyway, hope to hear back from you guys! (From Australia btw!)
  19. EpicMikey21

    Funny Sketch Video ideas

    Hey guys :D I need some some help finding some ideas about a funny comedy sketch Any ideas? Thanks!!! :D
  20. KreateTive

    Advice Would Be Awesome

    Hey, my name is Kimseng and I started my youtube channel about 2 months ago and I would really like to gain more subscribers and for more people to see my videos so if anyone has any tips or advice that would be amazing. :)
  21. Breana

    Comedy Friendships and collabs??

    hey guys i just started up my youtube a few months ago and im looking for people to collab with, i know thats a good way to help your channel grow and i would be excited to collab with people on videos. The videos could range from challenges to skits and everything inbetween! If your interested...
  22. CatTagz

    MY ROOM IS HAUNTED!! (Horror Skit)

    Hey im Leo and i just finished making a sample skit for my YouTube channel. Its a very short horror skit and i want you onest opinions on it, how can i improve, did you like it etc. Again its just a sample for future skits, thanks / Leo ;)
  23. LegallyBlack

    Comedy Christmas collaboration in December! (serious people needed)

    Hey everyone were looking for a couple serious people to help us with this collaboration! --- I am trying to focus on trending topics while my channel is still young and everyone knows December will be the time for Christmas videos! --- Basically what we want to do is have all our channels...
  24. chillion

    I make comedy videos.

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could review my channel and tell me what you like or needs improvement. I am really struggling to grow my channel right now, and I need tips on how to build it. I've been on youtube for a couple of months and I am increasing very slowly... I'd love to hear...
  25. chillion


    Hey guys! I'm Chloe and I'm here to promote my channel. Okay so I just post whatever the heck I want on my channel which can range from comedy skits/sketches, interesting characters, vlogging rants or unusual miscellaneous content. I put a lot of effort into my videos and I'm trying to post...
  26. GTPStories

    Comedy Comedy Group

    Still looking for more people to be apart of this comedy group. It is currently me(GTPStories) and OGRobTV. At the very least two more people would suffice.
  27. Sneezy_bih

    Comedy Second date?! Comedy skit. (Long distance collab) or near me lol.

    when this idea came to me( 15 seconds ago) I had to share it!! So I need 2 people for this skit. A guy and a girl. And it will go like this. The girl and I went on a date a while ago from a t.v show that try to match ppl up.. Months later the producer got back in touch with us and wanted to know...
  28. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone coming to the September MCN Comic Con In London?

    Hey guys! I might be going to the london comic con in september or october, i forgot which month its in lol. But if any of ya wanna do a colab, hit me up on my youtube channel or skype: killg786 snapchat: munna.k email: looking forward to collabing with u guys!
  29. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Calling ALL LEICESTER Or Anywhere Near Leicester YouTubers

    Hey, I'm looking for any leicester youtubers or anyone who lives near leicester. I am 16 and im looking for people to collab with. It doesn't matter what types of videos u do, as long as you can record a prank or skit video with me. If your down, hit me up on my youtube channel or: Skype...
  30. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Leicester YouTubers?

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old YouTuber who lives in Leicester. I'm looking for people to collab with. I'm planning to do skits, pranks, challenges and many other epic things. I'm currently at 244 subs. If you wanna collab, hit me up on either: YouTube: ItzKillG Twitter: ItzKillG Skype: killg786 Or even...