1. chillion

    No one notices me??

    Hello, I am a youtuber that makes comedy videos, great right? Well, my comedy videos, don't seem to get noticed because of how different and unique they can be. Like my videos can be so weird that no one will find them because no one would want or think of watching them. Like who is going to...
  2. SkitMantv

    SkitManTV - A Channel of Fun and Entertainment

    Hey Guys! I invite you to come check out my channel SkitManTV. Every Sunday I upload a new vlog pretty much telling hilarious stories of my life adding in animations (for example Swoozie) while also providing Sketch Comedy (example Smosh, Nigahiga). On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I upload a...
  3. Tuttiman

    Gaming Looking for collab on steam game Shellshock Live

    So I want to do a 1V1 with some people on Shellshock live but like tournament style with 8 people and then after a all out 4v4 but with a skit idea for the 4v4 and I will have my own idea for the 1v1. If you like the idea and have the game message me and send me your skype ID and steam ID.
  4. A

    Comedy Open For Professional Collabs!

    I'm over 1,000 subs looking to expand and create videos with others. On this channel I've mainly made gaming videos but I use to make comedy sketches and green screen videos. Looking to get back into clean family friendly skit videos. I'm 25 live in va. I use to make clean rap music as well...
  5. eliann88

    Comedy Skit/funny videos collab?

    Hi! Me and my friend are starting a new channel and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a collab with us! We can have multiple people in them, so don't worry if there isn't enough space for more volunteers also, we have one or two requirements, you have to live in the us and somewhere in...
  6. MrDooney

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actors For A Skit :)

    So I have an idea for a supply drop skit for Call of Duty, and I need 2 voice actors. Preferably male, with a moderate to deep tone. And you need Skype, and a mic that doesn't sound like :poop: haha. I already have most of the script prepared, so you can get started immediately. What I want...
  7. Bruce Banana

    Gaming FUNNY GAMERS (PC)

    Hey whats up guys My name is Bruce banana or Bruce however you guys want to call me. If you guys want to join just leave your YouTube channel link down below and i'll check it out. Requirements: No squeakers Must be funny No minecraft gamers AGE:13+ And try to be around the united states time...
  8. GamingRack

    Short Film CameraMan, Editor or just general assistant and ideas man to anyone creating video content.

    I enjoy creating content myself and have a gaming channel already established on youtube but id like to work with some people to create live acton content (skits, any kind of comedy videos, action, ect..), I dont have the resources or the people to do it so id like to find some guys or gals who...
  9. E

    Comedy I am looking for comedian youtubers that do skits or rants ASAP

    Hello fellow youtubers, My name is Eddie Bones, and I have 130 subs with 9k total views. Also, I make videos every Tuesday. However, my birthday is next month, and I would like to release a video every Tuesday for the month of March. I am looking for a youtuber that does the following: 1.)...
  10. Jay Dilla

    Social Experiments/Pranks/Skits

    Anyone in this field? Would love to chat with people in the same field. Also curious if anyone is from NYC?!
  11. Pearzonalized

    Gaming PC GAMING COLLAB (1,000 SUB+)

    Hey guys my name is Tyler aka Pearzonalized or "pear" and im looking for some PC gamers who enjoy playing several games including -Gmod (several game modes) - Call of duty Black Ops 2 -Grand theft Auto 5 -hopefully more soon Theres no real goal of what these videos have to be they can range...
  12. L

    Comedy Philadelphia, skits

    Im a new YouTuber that started making videos and looking to collab with others. I don't have a big following but I'm trying to get started.
  13. Dylan Roberts

    Gaming Looking for gaming crew to make Gaming Skits/acts/funny moments etc...

    Hi guys :) So I've had a lot of experience on YouTube and I've decided I want to reboot my Gaming Channel. And I don't really just wanna do general gaming videos, as at this stage they struggle for views. So I wanna make Skits n' stuff. Don't worry, I've got plenty of experience with editing...