Comedy Second date?! Comedy skit. (Long distance collab) or near me lol.


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when this idea came to me( 15 seconds ago) I had to share it!! So I need 2 people for this skit. A guy and a girl. And it will go like this. The girl and I went on a date a while ago from a t.v show that try to match ppl up.. Months later the producer got back in touch with us and wanted to know how the date went. The producer would be the guy and my date would be a girl. This skit can be long distance because we're just going to be talking about our date and what happened.. I would love to write the script. you just have to act. or we can add do the script together... So I need ppl with the same type of energy as me. With the same sense of humor. Your YouTube videos will be your audition tape lol.. And check my videos and see if you want to Collab with somebody like me!! i would say email me because it sounds professional but... No that mess is slow. We can KIK each other, if you don't have it, make one and download it lol. Because when it's time to write we will have to contact each other fast for feed back and idk email is slow bih. Lol if you want to Collab with me, hit me up on KIK look for Youngpapi03 let me know!!
Ps. The person who plays the producer will get video time but not as much since they are just asking the questions but it's a comedy skit. So that can be changed lol hit me up I'm ready!! Lol