long distance

  1. I

    Vlog Long distance video collab

    Hey everyone, I am a small youtuber hoping to get known, and was wondering if anyone wanted to collab with me. My channel that I run with my friend, Melissa, mainly focuses on tags and challenges and random little games. However, as we live somewhere pretty isolated, it makes collabs almost...
  2. iFunnyVlogger

    Comedy Family Friendly Collab (Long Distance)

    Hello! I'm iFunnyVlogger. I'm a YouTuber that does anything I want. I unbox stuff, review stuff, keep you up to date with the latest tech, and so much more! I also do Minecraft gameplays! With everything I do, I make it funny and enjoyable. I am looking into doing a collab with someone. I...
  3. Sneezy_bih

    Comedy Second date?! Comedy skit. (Long distance collab) or near me lol.

    when this idea came to me( 15 seconds ago) I had to share it!! So I need 2 people for this skit. A guy and a girl. And it will go like this. The girl and I went on a date a while ago from a t.v show that try to match ppl up.. Months later the producer got back in touch with us and wanted to know...

    Beauty/Makeup New Channel Beauty Collab

    Hello! I am looking for beauty youtubers to collab with. I stay in Singapore which I realise may not be near anyone on this site haha. If there are any beauty youtubers based in Singapore, I'd love to collaborate with you! :) But since that is highly unlikely, long distance collaboration works...