1. SeanFace101

    Links in Descriptions... Good Number of Clicks?

    Do you think that links in video descriptions get decent amount of clicks? or do you think people don't see them much and/or ignore them? :P Talking about both links to other YouTube videos and/or other websites? :P
  2. KeniisuYT

    Got my first Shady "Promotion" email!

    Saw this in my Spam folder and realize that my channel's been growing. Growing to the point where I'll receive shady emails! :p Here's the email with blurred details about the person sending it. Any thoughts? Please share. :)
  3. Techy

    I don't get promotion

    Hello, I've done a lot of research on how to youtube (~6h) Still I don't get how do I promote myself. This is where I currently am: Facebook- I simply don't want to reveal my private facebook acc Twitter- I've 85 followers (a lot of bots, twitter plague ), but when I tweeted that I just did a...
  4. Dr. Disciple

    Music Music Promotion Collaboration!

    Hey guy's! I run a YouTube channel called Dr. Disciple, it is a promotional channel for producers/artists who are undiscovered. I cover all of Electronic Dance Music, what does that mean? It means I cover hardstyle, dubstep, trance, electro, hardcore, trap, chillstep, chillout, drum and bass...
  5. Rachel Berry

    Smart, Effective Means of Channel Promotion

    Hi, guys! So, I am still pretty new to YouTube. I've been kind of experimenting with the concept of promotion, but haven't really come across any methods that are effective. Please don't get me wrong here- I am not referring to the kind of self-promotion that is so insistent and repetitive that...
  6. Jake Shipe

    Paid Promotion with Youtube/Twitter

    Hey y'all. So I was thinking about doing paid promotion of my channel with youtube and/or twitter. Have any of yall had experiences with this in the past? Did it seem to help much? I was thinking of maybe starting with like $20 and then seeing if it is worth it to do more.
  7. TwitchFingerGames

    Looking for Youtubers to Promote!

    Looking for some peeps to promote on my channel !! Since exposure is everything, (only) If you like my channel and its content could you return the favor and put my channel in the same section on your channel? <3 Thanks TFG :)
  8. SeanFace101

    Annotations vs Cards?

    Which do you prefer to use in your videos to tell your viewer about a link, playlist or other video? Annotations or Cards? I don't have many annotations in my videos, but I have been starting to add quite a few cards across my videos. Not sure which I prefer though as I'm not sure which works...
  9. Alexxd25

    I'm not sure what to do

    hey! So recently I've neen getting a bit more views than normal and people say "I don't know how you are so small" or " you should have more subs!" And well I don't know if it's true but I've seen some channels with THOUSANDS of subs that post pretty "meh" content and I was thinking that maybe...
  10. D

    Music New Music Promotion Channel 2016

    Daily uploads. Great music. search 'daniel.xi music' on YouTube.
  11. Harmonic Music

    Feedback on my channel and music

    Hey! I have just started a Music promotion channel where I promote House and EDM Music, Especially tropical and deep House. I upload one track every day, With permission from the artist. I would be happy if anyone could give me feedback on the Music and the channel in general. I will also be...
  12. Harmonic Music

    Music Any Musicians/Producers Want Promotion?

    Hey! On Our channel, we upload one song every day for promotion of relatively unknown Music producers. We mostly upload House & Edm, such as Deep House, Tropical House, Progressive House, Electro House and Melodic House, but all genres are welcome (If it sounds good, it will be accepted). If...
  13. PositivelyBrainwashed

    What is your promotion routine?

    Okay so you just created an amazing video. Now what is your strategy for the first 48 hours? Which many know is the most important time for a new video to get high in the search rankings. 1. Post on Facebook Fan Page 2. Share that post on various Facebook groups 3. Consider uploading video...
  14. AwesomeBomber

    What Are YOUR Thoughts on "Self-Promotion"?

    So, what I mean by self-promotion is when people go around on other people's channels with the sole purpose being to promote their own content/channel. Personally, I'd say I'm a big advocate against this and whenever I ask any of my friends and acquaintances, who are also YouTubers, there seems...
  15. Surreal469

    Can Instagram Work?

    I started an instagram and updated it with mini vids of me talking about what was coming up on my channel that day. But with there not being a way to click on a link to the video I want people to watch, and very few legit likes, my question is, does IG work as a way to promote your channel or is...
  16. PsySpy Gaming

    100 Videos and Under 50 Subs

    Hello everyone! I'm Scot but I generally go by PsySpy for the YouTube networking thing. I've been doing my channel for a couple months now and promoting everywhere that I could think to. I took a huge hit in my sub base in April from a glitch in the YouTube system that knocked me from 66 subs...
  17. TheGIngerQueen

    How Do You Promote Your YouTube?

    I personally have a Tumblr and Facebook page for my channel, post to YouTube Google Plus communities, and I sometimes post to Reddit. What do you do to promote your channels?
  18. LadyAiluro

    Sponsors, Networks, and Such

    Hello friendly peoples of YT Talk, I've been learning more and more about Youtube and what surrounds it, but still so much I don't understand at the same time. Exposure is number one, but how do you go about doing it, without being in peoples faces. I've recently noticed some starting to grow...
  19. I

    Request [Free] Need Help Creating A Banner

    Hey guys, Just started out YouTube and have 46 subscribers. I still haven't got a custom channel URL but my channel name is UDDINI.I upload BlackOps 3 videos, challenges and social videos (for example, baiting out people on Instagram)is one of the social videos. I haven't got a very...
  20. Spaceshipcontrol

    Getting exposure?

    Hello guys, a little bit of a backstory might help. So, actually, i uploaded my first videos around year ago, from beginning of April to July, but i deleted most of them because they sucked, only leaving one video that is actually funny. That is why i actually started out with a few subscribers...
  21. iambreece

    Comedy [closed] Shoutouts?

    Hey everybody! I've done one or two shoutouts on my twitter before, but now I'm thinking of doing more! Who needs promoting? In case you didn't know, videos in my channel fall into the YTP comedic editing category. Love comedy, and hoping to discover some great channels! To build upon...
  22. Mattaxol

    Promoting on Twitter

    How are you supposed to promote your videos on Twitter? Is it really as simple as posting the video link or is there a better way to do it? On a another note, what is your favourite promotion site and why?
  23. LifeAsJenny

    How to promote?

    I would like to promote my videos on Google adwords. How ever i'm not sure what the best way to use google adwords to do promotions. Do i do in stream or side ads? Do i just pay like $10 per video for a campaign or do i chose a ongoing campaign? If any one has any advice on what is the best way...
  24. Courtney & Zac

    Review Our Chanel

    Hi All, My girlfriend and I just started a youtube chanel 2 weeks ago, and it has started picking up some traction. So with this in mind, i wanted to hear your opinions on our chanel. Heres the link: We do videos ranging from KPOP to...
  25. Tyler Boyd

    Where are the best places to post your videos?

    I've tried Google + communities, and I am currently searching for Facebook pages. Where do you guys post yours?
  26. Kacper-GFX

    What Do you Think?

    Guys, What do you think about Channel "Advertising" Not like, asking friends to subscribe, more like promoting your channel on high subscripted channels... I mean, Many YouTubers need to mute/block people of there channel which is really sad however, why would you even try that? You'll probably...
  27. K

    Other Looking For Talent

    Hey Guys, :redface: I am looking for people who have a talent in something artistic, whether it be photography, art, dance, singing, baking, crafts, parkour, skateboarding etc. I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. Are you...
  28. K

    Have You Got What It Takes?

    Hey Guys, :redface: I am looking for people who have a talent in something artistic, whether it be photgraphy, art, dance, singing, baking, crafts, parkour, skateboarding etc. I have a youtube channel and my latest project is to make a series promoting talented creative people. Are you...
  29. Rae Talks

    How Do I Find Facebook groups/Utilize Them Effectively?

    Hey everybody, I've read a few people mentioning that they promote their videos through facebook groups. However, I'm curious as to how you find groups for your niche, and afterwards how do you promote within them? Thanks!
  30. O

    How to boost view numbers?

    Hi I am considering creating a blog for my channel in order to make it more visible for the public and hopefully drive some more traffic would this be a good move? :) Does anyone know other methods to boost the activity level on your channel? :)
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