I Love YTtalk
Do you think that links in video descriptions get decent amount of clicks? or do you think people don't see them much and/or ignore them? :p Talking about both links to other YouTube videos and/or other websites? :p
From experience i can definitely tell that there are alot of ppl that don't check descriptions at all. I've had several situations where i have my e-mail in my description and i always put annotation with my contact. And some ppl are interested in getting something from me and want to contact instead of looking in description first and assuming they're on phone so they don't see the annotation they just comment and ask how to buy where to buy how to contact when all that info is in my description. So i bet same is with links some ppl don't even check description unless you mention it yourself in the video.[DOUBLEPOST=1467062934,1467062850][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh however cards can be useful for your other videos and playlists since you can see those even on phones.
yeah I was thinking the same that people just watch the videos and don't read the description. :p The first line or 2 is visible without the needing to click to view it with the rest of the description so that gets a little bit more attention but probs not that much :p
I would agree that people rarely read descriptions (unless you mention in the video explicitly that people should check out the description, but even then, I don't think most people would check). I know this isn't the subject of the post, but I think the "above-the-line" part of the description should be reserved for, you know, actual description. This isn't for the sake of viewers, necessarily, but more for SEO.
It's true that most people don't read the descriptions, but the first time you get a sale because of links in your descriptions and make money, you'll realize it's worth it.

And after reading this post, it makes me realize that I should consider putting a call to actions in my video to read my description.