1. ProfessionalRik

    Commentary Commercials and Advertisements [Commentary/Roast]

    Advertising For some it's a paycheck and for others it's nuisance. Regardless, it's something we all have to deal with together. What I'm Looking For: A few people who would be interested in watching a selected commercial and basically reviewing it. Bonus points to - Anyone with a good sense...
  2. Elysia

    It takes more than JUST posting a video

    Ok guys! I see a LOT of you saying "people keep telling me to post regular content and viewers will eventually find what you are doing.".... I cant stress enough how untrue that is. Although posting regular content is a big part of seeing success on YT its also only your first step. Once your...
  3. O Legit or a scam??

    I saw this on Reddit the other day under the youtube subreddit. Someone claims this is not a scam and legit just because it's free. Wanted other opinions. They have a free mode and a premium pay mode. It helps increase views.
  4. N

    How Are you Suppose to Promote Your Channel??

    Hello, Im a relatively new youtuber who mainly posts music covers. Anyways, I feel like my videos are decent enough, but I'm not seeing the growth of my channel like other channels my size that I follow. Ive posted to my social media about my channel but i was wondering what other outlets to...
  5. SephiZack

    2 months making videos. I was at 202 subs four days ago. Now at 300 subs (also 100k+ views)

    I started everything almost randomly. I didn't actually have the intention of doing videos regularly when I uploaded my first one. I started making Youtube videos on the 12th February exactly 2 months ago thanks to a PS4 game called Nioh. I posted every video I made on the Nioh subreddit and...
  6. R

    How to get sponsorship?

    Hi i have a average of 23+ thousand views a day, and i got 655, 439 views in the last 28 days. I only have 5400 subscribers, but i get about 1 thousand a month atm. I am wondering how big your channel has to be to get branding/sponorship deals. I do not make IRL videos but i can still advertise...
  7. Lewis Knight

    How do you grow your channel?

    Hi i'm Lewis. I started making videos just over a year ago now. I've been making videos, quite consistently but don't really know how to get them out their to new people and promote it. I'm not going to lie, i don't particularly have the money to promote them in big ways. I love making videos...
  8. OC_YT


    Hey guys, We've been working hard for a good few months, bringing out consistent weekly comedy content and it would mean the world if any of you would check it out! Also, link us your latest video and we will be sure to check it out! Thanks! OCYT
  9. alexmanzano

    What else can I do to promote my channel?

    So I began making tutorials on web development, and have seen some success, but not consistency. After uploading my video, I share my video accross social media accounts including forums, groups, and communities, but not many people watch it. I think my content is good and clear, but I see no...
  10. ChoccyMilkCrew

    First Youtube video

    Ignore my previous thread lol. My buddies and I, here at ChoccyMilkCrew, would love to get some feedback on our first video! Feel free to give any criticism/support you can! Thanks!
  11. ChoccyMilkCrew

    Started a gaming channel with some friends!

    Hey, guys! My friends and I finally started a Youtube channel! It's called the ChoccyMilkCrew and we have a gaming video out now! Also, we want as much feedback as we can get so we may improve! Thanks!
  12. Olija

    Paid Promotion!

    The point that my channel is you guys think it's a good idea to do paid promotion of my channel/videos and/or a Facebook Page promotion? I have never tried either options before and I'd like to know if it's going to give me some sort of benefit when I attempt it. Thanks, OJ
  13. Jordan Levy

    Been on YouTube for 2 years and growing slow! What do I do?

    Hi, my name is Jordan Levy, and I am a singer/musician. I have been making YouTube videos for about 2 and a half years, and I only have 145 subscribers. I do every type of promotion I can think of. I use, all social media apps: facebook, google plus, etc. I have done collaborations, and am...
  14. MechaJake

    Facebook Post Boosting - Results For Those Who Are Curious!

    Hey Everyone, A couple days ago I did an experiment with post boosting on Facebook to see what kind of results I would get for putting in 'X' amount of dollars with specific target settings. I thought some of you might be curious as to what kind of results this type of ad can have! Keep in...
  15. doublec4

    Best places to post for exposure without being called out for self promotion?

    Within the past few months I've really been trying to take my YouTube channel and "brand" more seriously. I would really like to grow my subscriber base and try and reach out to more people. I'm having a hard time finding places to post my videos for exposure. I belong to a few car forums...
  16. AngieAstalos

    Reddit discussion for youtube

    Hey everyone! I've read a lot of articles about youtubers using reddit to drive traffic to their channels. However I've read that it can either end up going extremely well or it can end up like absolutely horrible causing lots of hate and so on. I personally have never used reddit, I've heard...
  17. ProfessionalRik

    Additional Promotion Required

    I need to promote myself more, but I'm not a spammer, so I post on here. And that's about it. I don't know what to do, but I know I'm not getting myself enough exposure. I have an auto-tweet that goes out every time I upload or start streaming on Twitch. So, I'm guessing I need to get onto...
  18. SwaggyIndian

    Promoting videos in Facebook groups

    Does promoting in Facebook groups made for YouTube promotion hurt your channel or help it. These groups don't allow sub4sub but some still do it. I usually ignore it or say that I don't do sub4sub. Most people in the groups watch your vids and leave a comment or subscribe if the enjoy it. I post...
  19. Toast Gaming

    Gaming Channels - Where Do You Share/Promote?

    Hi all, For those of you who run gaming channels, I'm curious where you go about sharing/promoting your content. Which locations have provided you with the best return on investment? From which locations have you gotten the most positive feedback? Ultimately, I'm trying to find some new...
  20. MultiDragon129

    Funny Smash 4 W/ Friends #1 (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)

    Playing some more smash 4 with my friends. We went on 8-player smash to see who was the best smash player out of us all, 3 stock to all of us and fighting to the death for The title of King of least between us =P Smash 4 W/ Friends...
  21. Ghostnova

    Has anyone experimented with YouTube Promotions?

    So I've dabbled with the promotion feature directly from YouTube a little and I gained some views but not really many subs. One video I featured got up to 6k views but 1 or 2 Subs, this cost me around 100 bucks to run this campaign. I'm wondering has anyone found success using this feature? If...
  22. SeanFace101

    Does links to my video from other videos (high rated) videos help mine?

    Does having links linking to my video from other high authority / high rated videos improve the rating / rank or my video? :unsure: Either link to my video from other video descriptions and/or links from on the video (annotations, cards, etc..). :P
  23. AntonBro

    pay to promote videos, Good or bad idea?

    I'm starting to realize that i need a boost in viewership so promoting a video seems like a good solution. I just want the option for my videos to appear in the "suggested videos" so people can click and maybe if they like my content they are going to subscribe. Has anyone here ever did this...
  24. KiddieToysReview

    Why FB is Massively Overpriced for YouTube Promotions

    Our Facebook fan page has 283 likes. Our last post reached 73 people. That's 26% reach. FB does not show our post to the other 74% of people who actually liked our page. Why? Facebook wants us to pay to reach those people. Facebook wants me to pay $14 to reach 5,500 people. Mind you these will...
  25. BlockyLive

    My plan for being successful on YouTube

    Introduction Hi, My name is BlockyLive I'm a small YouTuber trying to make it on YouTube. I did some research on how to become successful on this platform. As every youtube knows it's hard to make it on YouTube so I want to tell you my plan on creating a successful youtube channel. I organized...
  26. MultiDragon129

    MARIO MAKER IS KILLING ME XD (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Let's Play [Finale]

    Whats more to say about this one (besides what's in the title XD) yea, it's definitely killing me =P This is the FINALE of my Mario Maker SERIES! it has come to my breaking point in the let's play where I just completely give up and rage quit. I'm not comepletely sure if there would be more...
  27. Voov

    UNREAL FIGHTING SKILLS & MORE! Ft. Crimson Productions

    At last we present our very first video, featuring Crimson Productions! Make sure to subscribe and leave a like to help future creators grow and get the exposure they deserve ^^
  28. SilverFuze

    How do I get my channel more visible?

    Hey guys! So I started my YouTube journey about 3 weeks ago and obviously that is too short to judge my success on, but do you guys have any great ways to promote my channel and increase my visibility on YouTube? Thank you!
  29. O

    Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

    I thought of this idea and was curious what other YouTubers thought. Who would be interested in me creating a dedicated YouTube Channel promoting other YouTubers along with a blog for these YouTubers? Obviously we would have to figure out the logistics with copyright etc. But I really want...