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Nicholas Franz

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Hello, Im a relatively new youtuber who mainly posts music covers.
Anyways, I feel like my videos are decent enough, but I'm not seeing the growth of my channel like other channels my size that I follow. Ive posted to my social media about my channel but i was wondering what other outlets to use to promote????? I love youtube and just want others to see what I love so much and have so much fun doing.
Well there really isn't a magic bullet for promotion, it boils down to common sense, it just takes time and more importantly consistency during that time, growing is a laborious process. Social media, forums, reddit, friends, coffee shops, public squares, carrier pigeons... Basically building awareness just like they did in the olden days without the internet, just y'know... With internet :D
Yeah, I'd say since you're new start with as many different platforms for promotion as you can just like the previous comment.

Then, after about a month or so of consistent promotion, head over to Youtube analytics to check the traffic sources to your videos and channel.

Take note of what sources are driving the most traffic.

At that point, I'd suggest cutting out the ones not driving much traffic and focus on the 20% that are sending 80% of your traffic.

Double down on those platforms and play the long game!

Additionally, since you're in the music niche make sure you are also on other music based platforms like Soundcloud while leaving Youtube as your more visual music platform.

What I mean by this is, perhaps look at your YouTube videos of more as music videos rather than just you playing guitar or whatever you do.

Some people listen to music off YouTube but I think most are there to see something entertaining.

Also, fix your channel button in this forum as it is not pointing towards your channel. You will most likely have a mess of numbers and letter like mine unless you've reached a certain subscriber base (in which you can then change it)

I hope this is helpful,

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and so on. There are a lot free tools you can utilize to help bring more attention to your work. But there is no "for sure" way or method.

Of course there are sites you can pay like Viboom, Promolta, Taboola, Emerse, etc. to promote your work. But as far as I can tell they just bring empty subscribers and a high view count. Which is not what we want in the first place.

Just keep posting consistently and constantly striving to learn more and improve and the audience will come.

By the way your channel link isn't working. Try looking at this thread to fix it. Copy and paste the link below to end of the website url.
The internet is a huge place! You can use social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Google plus, bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and Digg. You can also post on relevant forums and websites. Engagement is also important when you are trying to promote your channel. Comment, like, and share as much as you can.
As allready mentioned Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and so on are good places to promote your videos (Reddit can be a bit tricky though in my opinion)
I have also paid for promotion of some of my videos but it is VERY important you do it the right way, cause what you want to gain here is REAL subs that are actually interested in your videos
there is a newtuber reddit where you can post your stuff. It's not a crazy amount of people that watch the videos but it is something
there is a newtuber reddit where you can post your stuff. It's not a crazy amount of people that watch the videos but it is something
Great thanks I will have to try that out some day in the near future:)
I have tried to promote some of my videos on Reddit before and I always seem to get new subscribers when I do that, but you also have to be prepared for a lot of s****y comments too. That´s the nature of Reddit I guess
Well for fast promotion you need to invest money, otherwise it can be very slow if you not lucky to get notice early on and get your video shared by hundreds or even thousands of users. :)
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