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  1. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Xbox One and PC Serious Group Needing Members!

    Hi everyone, I'm the Social Media Director for a group/upcoming business called First Order Entertainment, and we are looking for more members. First Order Entertainment, FOE for short, is slowly going to become an entertainment company on YouTube and other places on the internet. We play games...
  2. ChrisAntigen

    Gaming PC Collab GtaV, GMod, Ect

    My friend and I are starting a collaboration group and we are in need of 2 more people. We are planning on playing multiplayer games like GtaV, Scrap Mechanic, and really any multiplayer openworld and or FPS. Requirements -Good mic -Around age 16 (no squeakers) -Respectful member -Able to record...
  3. TheOmegaOni

    Gaming PC Collab - 275+ Subs - Funny Moments Videos - Read Requirements

    I am looking to do an Overwatch And/OR Battlefield 1 PC collab for a simple funny moments video, or we can plan some sort of other parody styled video. I am not doing Minecraft or any MOBAs. While I have done two satire Minecraft videos, that's not what I'm looking to do for a collab, and I...
  4. U

    Gaming Looking For Partners/Friends (PC)

    So far I have found 2 people that I'm thinking about having collaboration 1 I have confirmed that I will be collabing with but I feel like I need a little more people in this group so I'm gonna repost the last post I made hope your interested I'm looking for someone to collab with, and not...
  5. B

    Gaming Collaboration Group is accepting new memebers!

    TCK is opening the door for upcoming content creators. We are looking for more laid back gamers but are complete welcome to hardcore min-maxers Think of this group more of as a clan as we will try to collaborate with every member. We do have a discord server that is essentially open to...
  6. McDoogle

    Gaming What's Up Ladies & Gents! (PC) Funny Moments Collab!

    What's up everyone reading this!! My friend & I are looking for some people to play/record with!! -Must Be +14 &/or up (No Squeakers....Sorry) -Must have Discord -Decent/Good Mic -Sub Count Does Not Matter! -Games We Play: Dead By Daylight GMod WAW Custom Zombies Black Ops 3 Mortal Kmobat X &...
  7. D

    Gaming Ps4 group 13-14 age

    Looking for people to game with on ps4 or pc im a new starting youtuber and i do call of duty Infinity Warfare and NBA 2K16 and Madden 15 All Star Wars Battlefront for PC I play Team Fortress 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies and multiplayer I also play Witcher 3 I'm looking for someone...
  8. T

    Gaming Pc games Collab (No Requirements)

    Ill be playing on these games ---------------------------------------- - CSGO - Gmod - MineCraft - Call Of Duty MW2 - Portal 2 - Saints Row 4 I need someone to play with on pc to help make some content. I have 475subscribers and looking to grow mine and yours channel Just need a Good mic...
  9. Wolfywolfminecraft

    Gaming PC Collaboration :D

    Hi my names wolfy/wolfywolfminecraft and im looking for some fellow youtubers out there who would like to collab :D There are some requirements but not many :) 1. Good microphone (Please have a good mic it would help ALOT) 2. Most people say so and so amount of subs but as long as your content...
  10. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming looking for collaboration on PC!

    What's up everyone! Im looking for someone or a group of people to collaborate with on PC the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your daddy Dead by Daylight and more The Requirement i have is: Above 18+ Good English...
  11. SoggyBurrito

    Gaming ***Looking for People to Co-Op on PC Games!***

    Hi everyone, first I would like to thank you for taking a look at my post. I am SoggyBurrito on YouTube, if you would like to check out my channel feel free! As of writing this, I have 109 Subsribers and 1,121 views. Let me just get to the nitty-gritty of things. I am looking for serious...
  12. SurvivorAndy

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Survival Friends and Collab Partners

    Hi there, it's Survivor Andy here. I'm looking for one or a few people to collaborate with on PC Steam games, particularly those who are interested in survival games, but who want to play semi-serious by having a fun blast at the same time. I'm really enjoying 7 Days to Die right now and would...
  13. RelentlessAchiever

    Gaming [PC] Gaming Collaboration

    Hi all. I was looking for a few people who would like to collab on pc. The only requirements are that you are at least 16 years old and have a decent microphone. I have a variety of games which consists of: CS:GO ARK Dead by Daylight Gmod Rocket League Rust DayZ Overwatch etc... If you...
  14. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming collaboration on PC

    looking for someone to collab with on PC! the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your daddy Dead by Daylight and more The Requirement i have is: Above 18+ Good English! decent computer Good microphone
  15. M

    Gaming Looking for pc collab.

    i am looking for someone who plays pc games like GTA 5, minecraft, Gmod and more. i am looking for someone of the age of 14 to 16 and i am a 15 years old male. also i live in UK. steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49818862 google to find my account. steam name: mathew20113
  16. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC GAMES COLLAB! (700 SUBS)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  17. B

    Gaming 1.9k subs/1.4 mill views channel looking for fellow PC players

    Hello. Looking for some people to maybe make some videos with, but most of all just play with, have some fun. I mostly play Overwatch at the moment, but I have around 700 games on steam, so hit me up. Your amount of subs is irrelevant, you just need to speak English and be somewhat mature...
  18. KevinDoesStuff

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys this is KDS Gaming As you can tell from the title I am looking for people to make a collab group with and would love for it not to get inactive. This is to better all our channels , we will help each other for the better and we will make a\awesome content for our channels My Skype is...
  19. KevinDoesStuff

    Gaming Looking for PC Gamers to do collabs

    Hey my name is KDS Gaming I have 61 subscribers and I am looking for people to do collabs with This way I can learn more and we all help each other in their channels I am 15 years old so I wouldn't want anyone to younger than me Please have a proper mic My Skype is KDS Gaming
  20. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming CS:GO COLLAB?

    Hey i'm looking for someone to make CS:GO videos with. Requirements: *13+ *CS:GO. *Good mic. *Skype. *Dedicated to make videos. Anyways if you want to watch my videos just click my channel link (i think it works)
  21. ImSoLugo


    Dead By Daylight Collab? (Looking for people in their late teens, mid-twenties, I'm 22) My friends and I are looking for people to play dead by daylight with. We need 1 or 2 people to play a full game with (We tried queuing, just us three, but we are a** xD ) If anyone is interested in...
  22. McDoogle

    Gaming PC Funny Moments Collab!

    Hey, whats up party people?! McDoogleBerryFinn here, I'm looking for a group of people to record funny moments with on PC. Rquirements: 1-Decent Mic or Professional quality 2-16+ (Dont Matter) and please no squeakers 3- No Ragers! 4- Must Be Able To Run Games Like (Dead By Daylight, Gmod, WAW...
  23. LazerTazer

    Gaming Looking for PC YouTubers to collab with!

    Who I am: ► I'm a 15 year old guy looking for other youtubers to collab with! What this collaboration will consist of? ► Hey guys I'm looking for 3 other people to collaborate with. I play games such as left 4 dead 2, left 4 dead, minecraft, GTA 5, cs:go, black ops 3, team fortress 2, league...
  24. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Anyone want to collab!? (800 subs) (PC)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  25. MechMaster

    Gaming Gmod, CS:GO, Overwatch, basically pc games collab

    Yo guys, we're looking for someone to collab with, if you want to contact us about it then here's our Skype: Skype: pokeguy981 my friend's Skype: modder67 just be sure to let me know you're from the YTalk forums, I'll check out your channel and we'll accept or reject your request something just...
  26. Affect

    Gaming Pc Collaboration (GMOD, GTA V, etc...)

    What up everyone I want to find some people to collab with the games that I have and want to record are (Gmod, Gta V, CS:GO, The Culling, COD WAW,) if you have any of these games and want to play together contact me on skype. Skype: ShmAnyun Requirements: Decent Mic 14-17 Years old Dank
  27. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming PC collab?

    Hey my name is BananaCupcake. Games that i have . CS:GO . Gary's mod, and minecraft Requirements : * 13+ (i'm 14) *Must have a good quality mic. *Must have one of the games above you can check out my channel. i have 3 videos with commentary. just click the link.
  28. C

    Gaming PS4/PC Gamers must have 100 subs or more

    So first you can either have a pc and if you do you have that then you have to find a good communication so we can talk I recommend skype or even gmail but it must be free and easy to get to by pc. Second you can have ps4 then we can play games and have a good time on there but you have to have...
  29. Matthew Briggs

    Gaming Joint Game-Play with PC (Total War, M&B) I have 288 Subs

    Hello, I would like to collaborate with some good YouTuber's, and make some high quality content. A few things for you to get to know me: I will am about to study at Uni so I have a load of time on my hands to do some good YouTubing. I try and get my videos up when I can, sometime every day...
  30. DreaM_HD


    Hey! I'm looking for some awesome people to collab with on PC! About myself: - I'm 16 years old - I upload videos every 2 days (sometimes daily) - I'm from the UK (Scotland in particular) The kind of person to collab with me should be energetic and fun and are down to record games and have a...