Gaming [PC] Looking for Survival Friends and Collab Partners


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Hi there, it's Survivor Andy here.
I'm looking for one or a few people to collaborate with on PC Steam games, particularly those who are interested in survival games, but who want to play semi-serious by having a fun blast at the same time.

I'm really enjoying 7 Days to Die right now and would love to do a fun multiplayer collab, but I also have the following games:

- 7 Days to Die
- Garry's Mod (I love Prop Hunt and Sandbox)
- H1Z1
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Elder Scrolls Online
- World of Warcraft (but I'm not Active)
- Uncharted Waters Online
- DayZ (but I pretty much hate it)
- Dead Realm

And I can pretty much get any other game if it would suit.

I only started my channel at the weekend just gone (around 500 views so far), but I do have a bit of experience with YT videos etc. I'm not concerned about your subscriber or view count, it's about making fun content that matters.

About Me -
- I'm 28 years Old
- I'm from the UK

Who Am I Looking For?
Preferably anyone 16+ due to any bad language that may occur naturally as we play lol.
Anyone who can be online for one day a weekend (GMT time). I would prefer to do a binge session of recording maybe one or twice a week, as I work full time and can appreciate everyone else has real life commitments too.

Drop me a reply if anyone is interested and the sort of thing which you would be interested in doing :)