7 days to die

  1. STAYFLY349

    Gaming xbox one collab

    I would love to have a youtube collab on xbox one. For now I am focusing on 7 days, red dead redemption 2 and ark. My main two focuses are mainly ark and 7 days to die. Anyone who is interested please send me your gamertag. I try to keep my youtube video curse free. I said "try" I know...
  2. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 49 Alpha 16.4

    Day 49. The AI suddenly decided to go for logical point of entrance, the main door and that almost got me killed. :hot:
  3. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 42 Alpha 16.4

    Things are getting intresting :eeks:.
  4. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 35 Alpha 16.4

    Still going strong :thumbsup2:
  5. JEgginator9000

    Gaming 7 DTD - Anyone have a good server going?

    Hi does anyone have a good 7 Days to Die dedicated server I can join for building together, making funny vid's, etc./whatever
  6. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 28

    This is a game I’ve been enjoying way to much for something that is still in Alpha, its kind a like minecraft but with zombies ! Every 7 days you have to defend against a huge horde, decided to make a series out of it and see how many days I can go until everything goes up in flames. :bounce:
  7. M

    Gaming Looking for small youtubers to collaborate with on Xbox 1.

    I'm a small channel almost at 100 subs and I'm looking for a collaboration partner to play games like 7 days to die, NBA 2k17, and many other games!! my gamer tag is maniacmax04.
  8. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming 7 Days to die Collab (UK)

    Hello there random people of the internet and I am SomeOneElse Gaming and I am looking for someone to play 7 days to die with, I am a big fan of 7dtd and I would love to play it on my channel but I am not a big fan of playing it on my own so that's why I am looking for someone to play it with...
  9. D

    Gaming Looking for a group/people to collab and grow our channels with on PS4

    Hi my name is Callum but my name on social media (twitter and youtube) is Dedsec_Gamer. I am looking for people to record and mess around with. Must be 14+ years old (as i am 16) and could play GTA 5, Rocket League and 7 Days To Die and in the future more! I have 40+ subs. Also put each other...
  10. H

    Gaming PS4 7 Days to Die collab

    Hey guys! I'm (like a lot of us here) new to the youtube scene and am looking to record a series of collabs on 7 days to die (ps4 version) If you want to check out my play through style to see if we'd be a good fit feel free Disclaimer: I only have 27 subs at the moment, so the benefit for...
  11. DisloyalGlobe

    Gaming Looking for people who want to collab on PS4

    Im Currently 14 and just started Youtube a few days ago I only have Ps4 and try to upload everyday I want people under 18 that play 7 days to die, Madden 17, WWE2k17, NBA2k17, Cod Black ops 3, and Destiny Im very active on Ps4 and would love to collab with any Thanks and message me if you want...
  12. N

    Gaming Looking For Someone To Collaborate With

    I have been making YouTube videos for over a year and I only have 16 subscribers. Mainly I am looking to make videos with other people but there are reasonable requirements. 1: Age of 18+ 2: Good quality audio and video 3: At least 1 video a week 4: Uses Skype or something equivalent 5: Plays...
  13. Dark2W

    Gaming 7 Days To Die Server

    Looking for some people with 50+ subs, skype, and can play 2 hours of the day. Leave your skype name :)
  14. SurvivorAndy

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Survival Friends and Collab Partners

    Hi there, it's Survivor Andy here. I'm looking for one or a few people to collaborate with on PC Steam games, particularly those who are interested in survival games, but who want to play semi-serious by having a fun blast at the same time. I'm really enjoying 7 Days to Die right now and would...
  15. Ryan Lee

    Gaming Xbox One Many Game Collab

    Hey there, I'm Psycomedy and imma be straight up...I don't have many subscribers on YouTube. Honestly, I'm here because me and my "Co-Worker" ,I guess you could say, are pretty funny. I'll mainly be more into making a quality video to make viewers laugh versus sharing subscribers. Oh yeah...