7 Days to Die Horde Night 49 Alpha 16.4


Day 49. The AI suddenly decided to go for logical point of entrance, the main door and that almost got me killed. :hot:

yeah getting close at the end there. Oh well you still killed it!:bounce:
AK & sawed off worked good. I haven't played in awhile, I guess there are motorbikes now?
have you seen any or any parts around?:coffee2:
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Yes, there are motorbikes now, well, more like scoters but they are thinking of adding motorcycle with spikes and stuff, also car driving, watch the latest videos from the Fun pimps. You can craft it at a workbench but it’s faster to find the parts in the world and only craft them later since they cost a lot off materials and you also need the recipe. The better quality the faster you go, once you reach the purple zone 400+ you go like a freaking rocket lol.