1. Frost Titan Gaming


    Hi There My Name is Frost Titan, Im ALWAYS looking for Serious Collaborators/Gamers who are enthusiastic about making Content so don't be afraid to respond back . I Own 3 Channels that are oriented for 3 different kinds of Audience: Minecraft, FPS/Competitive, and Vlogs. Please look over these...
  2. L

    COD Cold War Zombies!

    First time playing!
  3. Drez

    Gaming Looking for small YouTubers to collaborate with (PS4 and PC)

    Hello there everyone. I'm looking to go back to making YouTube videos again. Currently, I have like 35 subscribers or something from a couple years ago (I know, I'm huge amirite?). I cleaned up my channel and deleted a lot of videos that clustered up the channel and looking to (re)start. The...
  4. M

    Gaming Looking for Collab on Fortnite, Cod, Etc...( PS4 )

    Hey guys, Im starting up a brand new channel and I am looking for some others to collab with for videos. I’m 16 and I have experience as I previously had a channel with 1k subs but I stopped posting to it. I love playing cod, especially zombies as I am almost master prestige and make sure to do...
  5. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 49 Alpha 16.4

    Day 49. The AI suddenly decided to go for logical point of entrance, the main door and that almost got me killed. :hot:
  6. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 35 Alpha 16.4

    Still going strong :thumbsup2:
  7. NocturnalGTX

    7 Days to Die Horde Night 28

    This is a game I’ve been enjoying way to much for something that is still in Alpha, its kind a like minecraft but with zombies ! Every 7 days you have to defend against a huge horde, decided to make a series out of it and see how many days I can go until everything goes up in flames. :bounce:
  8. V


    Looking for 1-3 people who want to make a "team" or maybe just a one time thing whatever your in for on xbox one for black ops 3 zombies. I mostly do high rounds but will be willing to do easter eggs! Send me a message on xbox my gamertag is Vil3 Leviathan
  9. K00KIE01

    Gaming Xbox / PC gaming collab

    REQUIREMENTS -age 16+ -more than at least 150+ subs\ -play well with others isnt a total nob head -plays either of the two xbox one or pc either will do. -Be sure to check if you enjoy the content i make and are willing to collab in that kinda genre. If you believe you meet those requirements...
  10. Jolttix

    Gaming PC Funny Moment Creators that Want to Grow on YouTube

    I'm looking for people that put an extreme amount of work into their YouTube channels. People that actually see a future in YouTube and take it seriously. I make funny moments and put a lot of effort into my videos and I expect the same from you. I mainly play CS:GO (I'm S3) and WaW Zombies at...
  11. BinateGaming

    Too many of them!! - Left4Dead 2

    All we wanted to do was to switch the Zombies diet from flesh to bullets. They didn't accept so we shot a lot into them. \/ here's how we did it ;) Thanks for watching guys and be sure to leave a like. Just like that!
  12. BaileyWorld

    Gaming Looking for someone to play custom zombies with!!!

    Hey guys my name is Bailey I am 14 and have my own youtube channel BaileyWorld. I make skits, challenges, and gaming. I really want to make some custom nazi zombie waw videos but i cant find anyone to play with me. Things you should know, is i make family friendly content, so not too much...
  13. Diabetus

    Gaming PC Youtuber Group! Ready to Collab! 13+ Years Old Only

    Hello There! Im Kaden Knowles, 16 Years Old. I Have a Youtube Channel with 117 Subscribers at the Time Of Writing This. Me and my Friends are looking for Friends to Collaborate on The PC With! All Games Are Welcome, But we mostly Play The Following: Paladins, Garry's Mod, Modded Minecraft...
  14. JayPlaysOfficial

    Jack & Jase vs THE WORLD! | No More Room In Hell | #3

    2 Brothers embark on a mission to kill every last zombie on earth! no matter how many episodes it takes! Hello everyone, my name is JayPlayOfficial and welcome back to a brand new video!
  15. JayPlaysOfficial

    No More Room In Hell | WE ARE BREAKING OUT!!

    Hello everyone, my name is Jayplaysofficial and welcome back to another video! :D
  16. TheJamesPlays

    Gaming XB1 Collaborator?

    Yo! My name is James and I post daily. I have good quality and I hope you do to! I play Minecraft, Overwatch, Skyrim, Cod Zombies, and others I am pretty small (like 40 subs) but I got some great banter when hanging out with people! I do this for fun, and dont take it too seriously. I cant get...
  17. Michael Lunatic

    My Walking Dead Spoof | Please Review

    So me and my friends decided to film a "serious" Walking Dead fanmade production and it then turned into a Comedy Mockumentary. Which, really couldn't be helped due to the nature of my channel and the "actors" we have available. It was a lot of fun to film. So if you're a fan of the hit show and...
  18. AMX Gaming

    Dear God No...| The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

    It's a sad day ladies and gentlemen we have lost a valuable and very important member, find out how this tragedy happened in this... the walking dead: a new frontier episode Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  19. Kemono

    THE ALIEN DUDE IS GETTING ME | Infinite Warfare Zombies

    I don't know how to stop and I've failed many times, but is today finally the day I slay this beast?
  20. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Any PS4 Infinate warefare Zombie Youtubers/Steam PC gamers?

    Hi, Just looking to create a group of zombie youtubers on PS4 There's currently 2 of us. No actual requirements, just people looking to grow their channel but at least be 18+ Also looking to play games like: - Dead by daylight - Garrys Mod - Fifa and any other suggestions. Im based in the...
  21. Branden Morales


  22. TheJDGaming

    Gaming Want to make funny gaming videos

    I'm just a small youtuber with 45 subs but I want to get big by making really god and funny videos that will make people laugh. I have every system which includes xbox one,ps4, and pc. games that I want to do are cod infinite warfare for ps4 or bo3 for xbox one and I also have gta for xbox one...

    Takeo stole my sandwich|Zetsuboa No Shima Challenge

    So in this video guys I play zetsuboa no shima! The challenge is to buy 1 box and the shiva and that's it! And throughout as the title says. Takeo looks for his beautiful sandwich bit of ham, cheese some eggs... I'm gonna go make one..
  24. Rallex

    Gaming 7 Days To Die Series! (Xbox One)

    I've been doing this series for a while and it's getting better each episode! Would love to get more viewers on the series because in my mind it's been very well so far! :) My Channel -> Rallex Would like to hear feedback :)
  25. CavemanApocalypse

    I'M BUGGED! | ARMA 3 | DayZ Exile | Ep. 18

    Hey there! I just thought that because I put a lot of effort into editing this video, I'd ask for some opinions so.. shoot away! Give me your feedback on what I can do better (I know some of the editing is quite dodgy, for example, the stroke on the letters on the intro kinda disappear after a...
  26. A

    Gaming Collab on Waw Custom Zombies

    My name is Monty and want to do more collaborations on my channel! So I want to do collab video on Waw custom zombies and In the future Black ops 3! If you are interested DM on twitter (My twitter @ItsMonty_ ) and we can start collaborating on a video together. See ya!!:):)
  27. Branden Morales

    BLACK OPS 3 zombies!

  28. Branden Morales


  29. Branden Morales


  30. JEgginator9000

    Unturned Mega Zombie vs Girl Friend & Me in a Military Base

    I die too much thankfully my girl friend's there to help me :coffee2::unsure2: