7 Days to Die Horde Night 28


This is a game I’ve been enjoying way to much for something that is still in Alpha, its kind a like minecraft but with zombies ! Every 7 days you have to defend against a huge horde, decided to make a series out of it and see how many days I can go until everything goes up in flames. :bounce:

Thank you! Whell, I’ve been playing since alpha 15 came out, have around 221 hours on record. I got lucky with the sniper, got all the parts from the supply drop.
Nice man! Those supply drops are so valuable at the beginning. Love to see that orange smoke haha:coffee2::headphone2: Would be great to see massive builds from co-op servers.

This game has so much potential can't wait to see where it goes in a few years, even if it's slow I'm still excited :spin:
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