Gaming Looking for people who want to collab on PS4


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Im Currently 14 and just started Youtube a few days ago I only have Ps4 and try to upload everyday I want people under 18 that play 7 days to die, Madden 17, WWE2k17, NBA2k17, Cod Black ops 3, and Destiny Im very active on Ps4 and would love to collab with any Thanks and message me if you want to collab.[DOUBLEPOST=1490198057,1490197870][/DOUBLEPOST]You also have to have a good mic[DOUBLEPOST=1490198088][/DOUBLEPOST]Have any questions just ask
Hey I have COD BO3 on my PS4, and I would like to collab with you. My gamertag is Fichee_slays. I have the blue snowball and am 15 years old. If you would like to collab when will it be? Thank you!