cod black ops 3

  1. Elijah Gray

    Gaming Looking For XBOX ONE GAMERS

    Looking For other youtubers Who are funny and chill that play battlefield 4 COD Blackops 3 Dbz Xenoverse 2 FOrza horizon 3 and Ghost Recon looking for Friends to Grow with on youtube and become Successful
  2. DisloyalGlobe

    Gaming Looking for people who want to collab on PS4

    Im Currently 14 and just started Youtube a few days ago I only have Ps4 and try to upload everyday I want people under 18 that play 7 days to die, Madden 17, WWE2k17, NBA2k17, Cod Black ops 3, and Destiny Im very active on Ps4 and would love to collab with any Thanks and message me if you want...
  3. Draven

    Gaming PC Gaming Collaboration Size Doesn't Matter

    Sup Guy's DravenGamesOn here and I want to start a small PC gaming group if you're interested in sending me a message via email and or comment below Oh and size doesn't Matter!! game's we can play: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Gmod Minecraft (any other games you want to play i can most likely get...
  4. sequan123

    Is my quality for my videos good enough?

    Hey guys i need opinions on whether or not my quality is good because i want to upload clear quality and not waste people time so check it out by clicking on my profile and remember if you like the content i have just subscribe for more content.
  5. rassem zok (informTV)

    Gaming Fifa 16 collabs

    my friend and i are looking for awesome people to collab with ( mostly fifa) console: PS4 or PC games: Fifa 16, COD BO3, UFC 2, Rocket League... (and some more games) my skype: nabras0914 benefits of this collab: will help to grow age: between 13 and 18 must have: a decent mic, a decent...
  6. A.BarryYT

    BO3 Zombies Funny Moments - Big Zombie, Quiet Scream, & Diamonds!

  7. SonicR360

    Shadows Of Evil on THE ONE AND ONLY XBOX 360

    Hi all YES!!! XBOX 360 and Black Ops 3 = HORROR!! I bought this back in November..... today I uploaded my 1st attempt on SoE Zombies on the old Gen Console. Please take a look at this video. Feedback always appreciated. Simon