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Sup Guy's DravenGamesOn here and I want to start a small PC gaming group if you're interested in sending me a message via email and or comment below Oh and size doesn't Matter!!

game's we can play:
Call of Duty Black Ops 3
(any other games you want to play i can most likely get it)

(yep there's a 69)

Oh and nobody under the age of 15 SORRY
I'm unsure because I'm fairly new to the game but probably death run and other such modes.
Murder is a popular one, I would strongly consider checking it out. Terrorist Hunt is too, but I'm dumb and can't figure it out lmao
yeah I'm still learning how to set up servers and that stuff lol btw I had a look at your channel its cool man[DOUBLEPOST=1475830361,1475827277][/DOUBLEPOST]hey, dude, I can't respond because I need to comment 50 times before I can do that sorry but this is the message I wanted to send.

yep I know so now what do you and me do from here do you want to send me your skype so we can set up some form of recording data.