pc collab

  1. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC - Looking for Rainbow Six Siege players!?

    I was going to get Rainbow Six Siege on pc but i heard it's a lot more fun playing with a squad. If anyone is interested in making a team, leave your skype below and I'll get in touch!
  2. PainApple

    Gaming Looking for a PC gamer to collab with :)

    Hello!, I'm a small youtuber who thought that it will be awesome to play with another channel and have fun! My channel: channel/UCwsVW4UfWGNLLj2s1wCWOrw I have loads of games and If you are interested to play with me reply this thread with your channel link and with your skype username and I...
  3. McDoogle

    Gaming Looking for Ps4/PC gaming group

    I wanna start a YouTube group were we play such games as Black Ops 3, Battlefront, Rainbow Six, Gta 5, Gmod, and etc. Add me on Psn if interested: MovieLord25, or check out my YouTube channel Mcdoogleberryfinn Any age doesn't matter, and must have a decent mic .
  4. carlo202

    Gaming Who wants to do like a sidemen group

    I have a pc, Xbox360, Ps3 and I'm getting Ps4 in 14 days I have a Elgato HD60 Game Capture (but not bothered what game capture you have) I want to create like a Sidemen group where we play like random games on Xbox360/pc/Ps3/Ps4 and possibly other consles :) :help:
  5. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for people for a PC gaming group (like Vanoss or the Sidemen)

    Im a youtuber looking for some awesome people to make a group like the sidemen on YouTube. You need to be 13+ (I am 16), have a good quality mic and good videos on your channel. Also be able to have some top quality banter. Games that i have currently have and we will probably play are gmod...