1. Kira1

    Are there any MCNs that offer crypto payment?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any MCNs that offer payments in Bitcoin or any other crypto
  2. MPigeon99

    Received less than half the money I was supposed to (SOLVED)

    I've just resolved the issue. Turns out the stats weren't properly tracked because I only joined the MCN in the middle of the month so the earnings were sent in two separate payments, one by Google and the second one by my MCN. I just didn't look properly.
  3. I

    the network partner ifreezone

    Hi guys I have a youtube channel linked with a network partner call "ifreezone", the partner send my money without any problem for 1 year , but the last 15 days she didn't send me anything and also the monetezation are disabled from my channel , i think ifreezone is a thief , what d u think...
  4. R

    YouTube payment currency

    Hello, if I live in a mother country like Nigeria, and I meet the requirements for getting let's say 20 dollars, will YouTube pay me in dollars or will they use the exchange rate to pay me
  5. Joost

    Creative Nation MCN: Payment & Communication Issues

    Hi everyone, I used to run a subnetwork under Creative Nation, and lately many of my former partners have reached out about payment issues with Creative Nation. I am curious if anyone else is experiencing these issues. For most of them, the last payment (from about a month ago) never came...
  6. Y

    Why does the quiz group not pay me for the revenue?

    Hello. Why does the quiz group not pay me for the revenue? I did not receive the revenue in March. $3100 Has anyone not received revenue like me? I sent email to the quiz group about my payment. (three times) But, quiz group reads my e-mail and does not reply me. Not pay me and not reply...
  7. S

    Creators Revolution Network and ESL Gaming Stole My Earnings

    I partnered creators revolution network which is owned by ESL gaming in October 2016 but they have not paid me even once till now. I have been trying to contact them through the contact us option on their websites and by sending email to every email id I can get of them but they have not replied...
  8. P

    Youtube Networks

    Guys any ideas on which network is good? I mean I just need a network to pay me on time, nothing else.
  9. Michael

    Creative Nation MCN Payment Problems Not Being Paid on Time, Poor Communication

    Has anyone at YTtalk who is partnered by Creative Nation been having problems getting paid by them? I and so many others including their highest earning partners keep having monthly issues with not being paid on time and the whole staff going silent and no longer responding to support tickets...
  10. Thestefag40

    MCN which Pays earlier than 1st?

    Hello YTtalk! So as you can see in title i need a MCN which would pay Earlier than 1st day of the month, ex: Earning for January to be paid on the end of February, I heard about QuizGroup that they pay around 17-18th each month but i also heard that they aren't that safe, So do anyone knows...
  11. Challenge this

    Request can you make me an animated intro for money!

    Hi guys I have an eating challenge channel with a comedic aspect to it and I was wondering if anyone would like to make an animated intro with some comedy in it for our youtube channel. We are willing to pay for you time so let us know if you can and if you have work to show off that would be...
  12. G

    Adsense incorrectly showing 0 earned

    I'm just partnered with the normal youtube partnership. A month ago I uploaded the first video on my channel that has ever made more than a tiny amount of money. Whereas most of my videos cap out at 30 or so views, this one randomly exploded and for once I've made a not-completely-insignificant...
  13. F

    Creative Nation didn't pay a lot of partner!

    I'm partener with CN about 2 years. I have NEVER received my payment of October and November, I sent an email, still no answer... (they say that we have an answer within 30 days, what a joke...) I am not alone in this case. A lot of partner PM me on the forum and tell me they have the same...