1. -arikaboo

    Services Banners, icons and outro cards comissions!

    Hello! I'm Sara and I'm doing various art for your youtube channel. I can do icons, banners and outro cards! If you have any other request, I can try too. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Icon examples: Detailed icon: 15€ Simple icon: 10€ - - - - - - - - - - -...
  2. Venox

    Services Venox|Wide Variety|Banners Thumbnails and Icons|Free and Paid

    Nice to meet you! We're Venox, a rising group of designers! We'll cut the introduction short since we know you're here for designs! Sample works are at the bottom since we don't want a bunch of images getting in the way of important information at the top. There a LOT of samples since we wanted...
  3. I

    Request New Channel Icon

    If someone would be willing to do a drippy eyes cartoon icon for me that I could use for YouTube and my other social media, I would be very appreciative! Ideally this would be free if possible, but can offer up to $6 YTtalk cash because that’s all I’ve got. I can give a tutorial for what I’m...
  4. F

    Request Need New banner plus icon (free)_

    Hello, i am a small youtuber and imm not very good with making banners or icons so i would like to get one from anyone out there my channel is called fexen and i usally post brawlhalla videos(gaming) this would also double up as my icon in a group yt channel im in and would all together help me...
  5. B

    Finished/Closed [PAID] Chibi icons/avatars

    I'm a digital artist who draws people, animals, and plants. I'm selling chibi art + the .psd file for $40 (All payments will be sent through paypal). You can contact me here or email me: exoticbunn3@gmail.com Here's an example of the style
  6. PandaCobain

    Channel Review: Banner & Thumbnails

    Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this. I run a mostly gaming channel and plan to throw in some vlogs in the near future in their own playlists as a few friends have requested it and I had been debating doing it anyways. At the moment I'm most concerned about my banner...
  7. Dark2W

    Request Need Clean Graphics/Can S/O

    Hey guys if you look up "id/Dark2W" for steam you'll see my PUBG group. I would like a simple but professional group icon & i'll shout you out on the group!
  8. U

    Request Hey I am a looking for a Banner and Icon to be made

    I am a new live stream YouTuber and I need a banner and icon for my channel made for free. I will shout out the creators channel in every video I use it in. Thank, Nathan
  9. P

    Request Profile picture and banner art needed (Free)

    Hello, I am in need of a profile picture and a banner for my YouTube gaming channel. I would prefer something bright/cute/girly please. And I would like my profile picture to be a headshot of my Roblox avatar. If you are interested please contact me here: piperrose1@icloud.com Thank you!
  10. shanesmaineshop

    What makes a good channel icon

    I am always trying to figure out what would be a good channel icon. I do videos on all kinds of stuff but mostly how to and I just cant seem to come up with a good pic for my icon. Any ideas? thanks
  11. SomethingIDontKnow_

    Services Creating Channels Banners/Icons

    Hey there! I'm SomethingIDontKnow and you can check my profile for the background information. Basically, if anybody wants a fairly simple but nice looking (in my opinion) channel banner or icon, just message me. It's for free, I'd just like a little shout out for my channel. Some examples:
  12. vCadge

    Request Banner and/or Icon needed!

    Hey, im Cadge... I do pranks, skits and other pour my soul into editing :crying: I DESPERATELY need some channel art and am willing to pay depending on the quality. Send me some examples or contact me on Skype @ irbyhl and i'll talk to you! Thanks xD
  13. JanPlays_

    Services Making Youtube Icons [CHEAP!]

    Hello everyone, I'm willing to make Youtube icons for you guys for about 4-8 YTCash depending on which kind of icon you want, anyways it's not expensive but i can make OK-looking icons. If you need an icon leave a comment below or PM me on how you want it to look, which colors it needs to be...

    Vlogging/montage channel needing feedback!

    Hey! I'm a pretty new VLOGGING YouTuber (although I've been filming and editing various videos for over a year now) and I need your HELP. The link to my CHANNEL is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4koFSp1FTrobafwE55xAkw I currently only have one VIDEO and would like to ask that you, please...
  15. Nanonium

    Request Profile Pic Request

    Payment: I can give you a shoutout IF I end up using it, but that's all I have to offer, sorry. Details: An animated person at a low angle view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on...
  16. Scooterbean Videos

    Request Really Need Icon and Channel Art, Whichever is Fine

    I am really trying to improve the look of my channel, and I want some nice looking channel art and an icon. I would be so happy you don't even know. I've been ballin on a budget lately so its been hard to find someone who can do it. If there is anybody who would be willing to lend a hand you'd...
  17. TheRichPlaysG

    Services I can do thumbnails for youtube , banners , icons for youtube channel and more

    Hey there! if you are looking for someone to do channel art for youtube you have come to the right place. If you are wondering what can I do I can make banners channel icons thumbnails but no intros or outros. The price for my art is not free. To purchase my art you will need paypal. The price...
  18. S

    Request New Channel Looking for Icon and Art

    So I am making a new YT channel for gaming, more so as a hobby than anything else. Currently have the channel made, I just want to get a nice looking custom Channel Icon along with some Channel Art. I have some basic ideas for both and I am very flexible in terms of what you can do as I am doing...
  19. T

    Request Need Some Quality Channel Art For My Mate!

    Hey everybody I am a new Youtuber who has been doing it for a month and has about 145 subscribers. My friend wants to follow up this by making his own channel and I would like somebody to make some quality channel art for him. Thanks everybody I would really appreciate if you would help out...
  20. PandaXo

    Request Looking for new channel art, prices negotiable

    Hey there! I'm planning on starting up my channel again after some time of being off youtube. I've deleted all my old videos, and would like to do a total rebranding of my channel. I'm looking for a new logo and banner for my channel, specifically. I'd like it to be a cartoon style theme, so I'm...
  21. T

    Request Can anybody make me a professional profile icon and intro for youtube!

    I need professional looking icon and intro to help my youtube channel. My channel is called Ts7 and I do star wars battlefront vids + other random games (take this into consideration). I have about 25 subs and I have been doing yt a week now. I would like a smooth intro and a cool icon with the...

    Request Free geometry dash icon.

    I made a new channel call NoobzDash. It a no demon levels channel. So I play level that rate N/a to hard and give feedback to the creator. So I need a icon but I do need a banner but I need a pro. If you want to help me skype me at Noobz Nationz.
  23. P

    Request [Free] Need Banner And Icon

    I need a banner and a Icon for my new channel, I'll credit you for it in my channel disc.
  24. CartoJaryGraphics

    Services Banners, Logos, Intros, whatever you need! (Good Prices!)

    Hey guys! My name is Carter, I live in Wisconsin and I make graphic art. Read my "Information" tab under my profile or visit my website to learn why these graphics are different than others! seriously, read it first to understand what's going on and stuff. How to contact me? My email is...
  25. SlayerXtR

    Request -Free- Need Banner and Icon. Also, could use Outro and Intro!

    Hey there, I could use an Banner and Icon for my new channel that I just started up! It's all about reviewing and helping other YouTubers and their channels while adding a comical spin to the reviews. I can't really pay as I don't have the funds, but could really use the help. :( I can't...
  26. B

    Request [Paid] Icon and background

    I'm looking for an artist to create a cartoonish icon of a brown grizzly bear head and possible a background with the same image and colour theme. My channels main colour is red and black, so any red and black integration would be good. But over all I'm just looking for something that would suit...
  27. AJ Bruh

    Request [Free] I would like a channel Icon and Banner! I will give a shoutout!

    I would love a channel icon and banner because I believe these are holding me back. My color scheme is orange and a light blue. I will post my current banner, which has my colors, and I will post the idea of what I want my Icon to be (An "A" connected to a "J"). Nothing too complex, but somewhat...
  28. Tuttiman

    Request Anyone interested to do a free outro and channel icons please.

    I want to start fresh for the new year and I want to know if there's anyone willing to do a free logo,outro and banner for free. It will be a honour and I will help your advertisement claim by talking about it in the next 5 videos. thanks
  29. TheHappyEmoBunny

    Services Simple Chibi Icons! [Closed]

    I like to design YouTube icons from time to time. Normally chibi or portraits. Please note these are not free they cost $15 (depending on the complexity) each. My form of payment is Paypal. (Humans and furries are acceptable) I have 5 slots It includes: 5000x5000 pixel at a 800 resolution image...
  30. ThePropHat(Tyler)

    Services [Open] Free Simple Youtube Banners and Avatars

    Please Read!!! For the time being (I don't know for how long exactly), I won't be able to finish any requests, due to my computer being broken. I am extremely sorry for those banners I could not complete. Please note that as soon as I can, I will do them. Once again, I am very, VERY sorry :(...