Request New Channel Looking for Icon and Art


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So I am making a new YT channel for gaming, more so as a hobby than anything else. Currently have the channel made, I just want to get a nice looking custom Channel Icon along with some Channel Art. I have some basic ideas for both and I am very flexible in terms of what you can do as I am doing this purely as a hobby. I will give credit on my channel for the art/designs. I am willing to pay if you so desire, but I am mainly looking for a free art and icon. I would like to add that I have had other channels, that are still up, but I don't post on them anymore simply because I didn't like the way I did things on that channel. Since they were smaller, one was 60 subs other was 160 subs. I felt it was ok to abandon them and start a new. .
My skype is: anthony.dipento
Hey i can help you with this project for a low cost. Find some of my previous banner work below.

If you interested in working together you can contact me directly on skype @ProlificMF and i can link you to my website.

Hope to hear from you

EDGbanner2.jpg Evolve YouTube.jpg guitar.jpg minecraftbanner.jpg Prolific.jpg Qrissy.jpg xAlien.jpg