Request [Free] I would like a channel Icon and Banner! I will give a shoutout!

AJ Bruh

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I would love a channel icon and banner because I believe these are holding me back.
My color scheme is orange and a light blue. I will post my current banner, which has my colors, and I will post the idea of what I want my Icon to be (An "A" connected to a "J"). Nothing too complex, but somewhat professional please.
The example of what I'd like isn't very good as you can tell, but capture what I'd like!
Thank you to whoever helps!
I can't do this myself so I'd really appreciate any and all help!zFMm-pjv.png sample icon.png[DOUBLEPOST=1457900847,1457895861][/DOUBLEPOST]The paint image is the "rough" draft of what I'd like haha