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  1. Spreadacinni

    Gaming GTA V Races (Xbox One) Collab Tomorrow!

    Looking to collab with 1 or 2 people ASAP in GTA V. I want to record some gameplay tomorrow so let me know if you're interested. Must have a good mic and GTA V on the Xbox One. I don't care if you're a smaller channel; I care if you take YouTube seriously and put in a lot of time and effort into...
  2. AussieAidan

    Gaming (PC) Funny Moments collab!!

    My last 12 Videos of mine have been funny moments and I was wondering if any channel big or small could do a collaboration video with me!! I play game which are on my channel like GTA 5 and The Ship, yeah, that's all. Requirements: Need to be funny. Need to record for longer than 15 mins NO...
  3. Duggy

    My GTA V Machinima channel

    Hey all, my channel is pretty niche in that I create shorts & sketches through GTA V's in-built editor but I've had pretty good success with it and it's something I really enjoy doing! Main focus is to try and make cinematic-like videos so it feels like you're not watching a game but more of an...
  4. Creeforple

    Gaming PC Gaming/Youtube Collaboration

    PC collaboration I am a small youtuber with 35 subs i play mostly minecraft but want to branch out to other games the game i have are -GTA V -Minecraft -Terraria -Dead Realm -Gmod Requirements Decent audio Decent video quality Leave your skype below and a little bit of info on you and your...
  5. James Azurin

    so my friend has never played GTA....

  6. KillG

    Gaming Ps4, NO REQUIRMENTS! :)

    What's up guys! KillG here! I just want to find people the chill out with on ps4. I've got: COD BO3, GTA 5, and fifa 16 (which i'm s**t at). I don't care how many subs or views u got. I just wanna find people to grow with and have fun! :) I'm 14, going to turn 15 this May :) If your interested...
  7. GoldBolt

    Gaming GTA 5 Group (PS4)

    Hello! I am currently looking for a group of players roughly 3-6 people to play GTA 5 with. My aim is to make funny GTA 5 videos like custom job videos, fail videos, stunting videos, etc... You don't have to make YouTube videos of your own, but I do have some requirements. (Listed Below) So...
  8. WillDP

    Smart Cars Suck! | GTA V Online Free Roam Gameplay

    Hey guys! This is my most recent video where I hop on GTA V and mess around with some friends. We do really random stuff ranging from crashing planes to jumping on trains with cars, so the video is quite entertaining. I hope you guys enjoy the video!
  9. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #8 - Wait What?

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Franko - Hancha - Jacob -
  10. WillDP

    Horrible Teachers Rant

    Hey guys! In this video I go on a rant about the awful teachers that I have. I'm sure you guys have some horrible stories as well so don't judge me for these weak stories lol. Anyway, thank you for clicking on this thread! I hope you enjoy the video! Here is the video:
  11. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming Need a group of friends to make videos with (PC)

    I need a group of friends to make videos with, (PC Games you Need!) GTA V and GMOD, You dont need CoD WaW but I would prefer it, Be serious about YouTube, I dont care about how many subs you have just that you have those games,Have a good sense of humor and you can play every week. my skype is...
  12. Frankie95

    Gaming GTA GAMING GROUP (females only)(PS4)

    I'm already in a group and we play and record GTA, and BO3 every week and we're looking to have a mixed group as it doesn't seem like it has been done before on youtube. I haven't posted any GTA videos but I have posted a couple of real life videos.
  13. SemiGodGaming

    GTA 5, Black Ops 3 Video Suggestions

    Hey whats up guys!!! So i've been making videos for my youtube channel (Obviously why would I be here if I didn't) And I have been struggling on video ideas for Grand Theft Auto 5 And Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and i'm playing/recording on the PS4 and I just have no video ideas for GTA 5 even...
  14. RobCoxxy

    GTA Online Collab: Slasher!

    Hi guys, RobCoxxy here! Today I've got a short GTA Online Collab ft. Oshki and ZealBoy! We're tackling Slasher in First Person Only for extra scares!
  15. RobCoxxy

    GTA Online - Battle of Rockford Plaza

    Today, matchmaking has decided to screw me once again, pitting my organised friends in their own team, facing myself, and a couple of random bullet-sponges.
  16. Frankie95


    wassup? I am looking to start a gaming group on youtube kind of like The Sidemen. I would like us to play GTA5 on PS4 mainly but also mix it up with different games. 17+ lads and ladies. Obviously I would like for whoever is interested to be open minded and not to be taken seriously as I am...
  17. NumZee

    GTA 5 Online: "NEW Colored BMX Glitch!" 1.31 (How To Get Any Color BMX Bikes!)

    Here is a cool little glitch in GTA 5!
  18. RobCoxxy

    Gaming GTA Heists Collab [PC]

    Hi guys, one thing I've had in mind for quite a while is a four-way collab tackling the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA Online's Heists. Four channels, four perspectives, four heists. Ideally looking for people GMT(+/- a couple of hours) for easier scheduling, and over 20s, purely because...
  19. ClassyFella

    Gaming Just Starting Out! (Xbox One) & (PC)

    I have recently started a new Youtube gaming channel, I currently have 8 subs and 6 videos. I am looking to make videos with other youtubers that want to record. I have both an Xbox One and a gaming PC. Some games I have include: -PC: Minecraft, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2...
  20. B

    Gaming Ps4 Collaboration to create funny videos

    Welcome, my name is Jacob and I created videos on YouTube. I was wondering if anyone out there I the big world would like to collab on some videos. I currently have 1006 subs but since I took a break almost none of the are active. I stated uploading again mid November last year and I'm planning...
  21. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #3 - We Are Not That Bad

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out his channel Xjustified - Music - or...
  22. DBG

    Gaming Xbox One Gamer

    I'm not looking for someone to collab with on every video but just someone who would be available every now and then if there was a video needing made. You must at least be 14 years old and active on YouTube. I have BO3, GTA 5, Need For Speed, NBA 2K16 and Madden 16 to play. If anyone is...
  23. DreaM_HD

    Gaming Looking for some PC gamers to collab with

    Hey guys! I'm looking for some cool people to play some PC games weith! Preferably between 13 and 17 years old. The games I have and would be up for playing are: Call of Duty series Star Wars Battlefront FIFA 16 H1Z1 DayZ Battlefield 4 Dead Realm The Forest GTA 5 Miscreated Portal 2 Rainbow...
  24. the kenneth

    he might be a stalker lol

  25. the kenneth

    Starting GTAV funny moments series.

  26. Dread Chemical

    GTA Online #2 - Don't Smoke Weed

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  27. Juniorfmrad

    Gaming GTA 5 PS3 YT Video Collab (& Maybe Gaming Crew)

    Hey, Basically I Have No Subscribers Or Views. I Have A PS3 And I Want To Collab With People And Upload A Video Where Were Playing Together. And Maybe Start A Small Gaming Crew And Grow Together. If You Have Any Questions About Me, Any Skill Or My Youtube, Feel Free To Ask! Thank You.
  28. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming Gaming Group of 3 looking for People!

    Me and My Two Friends are a Gaming Group looking for Funny People to make Videos with, We inspire to be Like VanossGaming/KYR SP33DY's Crew Playing Games such as Garry's Mod (PC), GTA V (PC/XB1), Dead Realm (PC) and other Popular games. All 3 of us Together Combined we have 1,496 Subscribers. If...
  29. King Mondrae

    Far From Southside (web series)

  30. MrArabian

    'FINALLY WON' (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments)

    Enjoyed? If so, come check out more at my channel and subscribe for support, thanks! :D