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  1. Horizon247

    Gaming Any body still on PS3 collab with me..!!!

    Any body still on PS3... Looking For>>>> Gamers that really like to play and enjoys being recorded or wants to record with me side-by-side. Just come on here and leave a note... SERIOUSLY LEAVE A NOTE :) Game that I play: GTA V Destiny Borderlands 2 NBA 2k15 there lots of game out there that I...
  2. IKONG


  3. wildvideo4

    Gaming Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4

    Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4
  4. ChasetotheFinish

    Gaming Long Term Xbox 360 GTA Online Colab (roleplays and More!)

    Hi I am a GTA Youtuber and I post Content every Tues. Weds. and Fri. If you play GTA V On the XBOX 360 and would love to be in my videos all you need it 200subs Min and be at least 14yrs old. I am excepting everyone that can fit in this crew! http:/ /socialclub. rockstargames .com/ crew/...
  5. TailoredTeen

    Gaming PC Gaming, 17+ Age, Funny Games

    Hey guys, Looking for some people to play with, get to know, and become friends as we play! I'm looking for humorous girls/guys that are 17 years or older. **Need a good mic** Sort of like Jelly, Kwebblecop, and Slogoman or Vanoss's group. I currently play on the PC, GTA V Counter Strike:GO...
  6. Maximilien Prins-Mills

    Gaming LF Long-Term Collab With People With Similar Channels

    Hey guys if any PC gamers out there are generally fun people always having fun and making jokes out things It would be awesome to collab with you here's some things you must be already doing because im only accepting people who are serious about making great content. Things you need to have: A...
  7. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Collaboration for xbox/PC games

    Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment. Requirments...
  8. C

    Gaming Live Stream GTA V

    Hey guysss! Anyone fancy live streaming with me and Skegsy on twitch playing gta? If so let me know, message me on twitter @NCMSOfficial
  9. DukWin

    Grand Theft Auto V - Cinematic Music Video 'Greyhound' (Thread Closed)

    This is a video that I have been working on hard for over a month. It is reupload of the original which had 260 views and was published on September 24th but was removed for no reason by YouTube. Please help me restore this video back by sharing and liking it. This timelapse cinematic captures...
  10. A

    Gaming Looking For GTA 5 Collab On PS4

    Hey Guys Im Looking for a youtuber who wants to make funny gta 5 moments on ps4.and grow our channels. I Have Got 96 Subscribers With Atleast 100-200 Views If You're Intersested Feel Free To Reply! I Am Looking for people who are aged 13-15
  11. Mupsin

    GTA 5 Lowrider DLC (Buccaneer Custom Build) Your Thoughts :)

    Hello you awesome people, So for those of you who play GTA 5 you will know about the lowrider DLC that came out a few days ago but the bad thing is its only for next gen so I wanted to make a video so that people with old gen can still see what the DLC had to offer, I would love to hear your...
  12. NJGVideos

    Gaming Xbox 360 Collab (Any game)

    Hey There My Names NJGVideos... I Need someone to collab with! I'm guessing you do to :) I have 194 subs currently and I make funny moments on GTA! sometimes I do other games to. If you want to collab with me then comment down bellow your skype or twitter so i can get in touch with you - NJGVideos
  13. ObviouslyNG

    Gaming PC Gaming

    Hi, My name is ObviouslyNG, that's short for ObviouslyNotGAM3R. I'm I new channel that is looking for a group to Game with and record to post on YouTube. Please don't be a 3 year old squeaker and I ask that you have a good mic that doesn't have a static buzz. Some Games For The Future: CS:GO...

    Gaming XBOX ONE YOUTUBERS!!!!!!

    Looking for a group of YouTubers that would like to get together and help one another grow and give tips to each other and in general grow together if anyone is intrested to get in fast contact with me my twitter@:MR_MIRANDA_ INSTGRAM:mr.miranda_ I don't care if you have 10 or 1,000 subs i...