My GTA V Machinima channel


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Hey all, my channel is pretty niche in that I create shorts & sketches through GTA V's in-built editor but I've had pretty good success with it and it's something I really enjoy doing!

Main focus is to try and make cinematic-like videos so it feels like you're not watching a game but more of an animated short, be it a serious or comedic one. I also try to make them so that you don't even have to be a fan or play GTA in order to enjoy them (though probably would help :p )

Here's some of my work:

GTA Z: Zombie Apocalypse Episode 4 (The main "flagship" series on my channel, currently working on the 5th)

The Crash of Flight 27 (A plane crash experienced from a passenger's eyes)

GTA vs. Predator

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

Obviously these are only some of my videos from the channel but I hope you enjoy 'em, I plan to keep making these for as long as possible :D