1. Bstar

    Gaming Any Australian pc youtubers 15-17

    hey guys I'm looking for some people to colloab with and I'm looking for people in Australia age 15-17 I play games like gmod gta v rocket league dead by daylight and others must have a pc that can handle games, rendereing and recording I have 2 other friends who I'm collabing with hit me up...
  2. R

    Gaming In need of willing participants for a group channel

    Hi, I am an owner/moderator for a group youtube channel, and we need about 10-20 people to look through and review for our group channel. If more than 20 request to be in this, that is ok. We only need willing and active people to work with, so we can push out content. Subs/views do not matter...
  3. Zacklovesbooks

    Gaming Any mobile gamers?

    I would like a group of people who play mobile games together, cause I'm trying to fix my pc. If you are interested please contact me at Skype With Zaquira Cartagena The games I'm playing so far : Bullet force Minecraft PE
  4. Dread Chemical

    Gaming I'M BACK! Here to gather a collab (PS4)

    It has been a while since i last uploaded on my channel (For personal reasons) and i want to change that, so i wanted to do a collab on some games that i have whether i join a group or make one out of scratch. Note if you seen some of my videos (possibly not) i seem to have a group already, the...
  5. ElliottCBarden


    I'm 13 from the UK and I wanna start a gaming channel and I want to help myself and other youtubers grow by starting a gaming group on PC
  6. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Xbox One Looking For More Youtubers

    Hi there! Me and some of my friends that play on Xbox one are looking for one/two more Youtubers to play a few games with us! We already have a small group of 3 or 4 so this is just for extra friends :-). It would really help if you already knew what you were doing and already put out decent...
  7. The Nerd Encounter

    Comedy Anyone Want to Do A Nerd Related Sketch Comedy Group in San Diego/LA

    Hey all, haven't posted much here, but we are "The Nerd Encounter" and we have almost 22,000 Facebook fans! We want to create some Nerd Sketches. Something like Smosh did originally with Pokemon and continue to do of course. Simple Stuff but funny and effective! We are located in the San...
  8. TheMadHatter

    Gaming Looking for 18+ year old gamers to play with mostly PC Gmod, Dead by daylight & many more

    Hey i want some cool people to colab with need to be 18+ have xbox or pc and must have a good mic Hit me up ill add you on skype we can see if we fit :) i have tons of games and can get more i like shooters have minecraft and some party games like ultimate chicken horse <- very fun
  9. A

    Gaming looking for people to collab with on the pc! :3

    Hi there everyone me and some friends I have made are looking for more people to join our group to do videos with and also hopefully to make friends :3 Age Range We are looking for people who are in the 18+ category or very close to it to join our mature gaming community, plus we're all in...
  10. Blue Shades

    Gaming Gaming Group- Let's Play -ARK- -RoK- -Rust- etc. Collab

    Hey there! Hope everyone's doing great today! I just started a YT channel and am looking for 1 - 4 good fellas to play with and record content. I would prefer you to be 18 or over but I don't really care if you're mature and friendly. The one thing that I request is having a GOOD MIC. I don't...

    Gaming Overwatch PS4

    So I play Overwatch on my channel, not all of the time but enough to do collabed. I'm 16 so I don't have a lil squeaky voice (no offence) and I I enjoy playing with widowmaker the most! Must be 15 or over Add me ID: connortosney
  12. K

    Gaming Looking for a Collab Group

    Hello, my name is Koby and I have a small youtube channel called KobyUnknownTelevision. I currently have 85 subscribers. I am looking for a group of 3 other people to start a series on a sand box game. (We can decide in a group chat once I pick the top 3 people) There are no requirments, if you...
  13. MashingDuck

    Gaming Youtube Group

    Hi, My name's Ingo and me and a friend of mine are currently looking for people to record and have fun together. We're both 18 so we'd like people around our age. Also be decent at English, just so we can understand you, we're not native English. The games we mostly play: Overwatch Dark souls 3...
  14. M

    Gaming Gaming Group

    i am looking for people to join me and my friends gaming group i am 15 and i am looking for people around the same age of me i use discorde or skype we play games like rocket league, rainbow six siege and battlefield 1 we are looking for people who are from the UK
  15. L

    Other Looking to form a group

    Hey I am not really here for a collab but I was wondering if there is anyone that would want to start a group youtube channel with me. I would prefer people of the same age as me (14 ) but would be happy with most people. I am from England so that is good but any other countries are perfect...
  16. U

    Gaming Looking For Partners/Friends (PC)

    I'm looking for someone to collab with, and not just make this collab a one-time thing, I wanna have a partner that I can grow with, and have fun with on youtube for a very long time. And don't expect me to make a video with you the day I met you, or a few days after we have been talking...
  17. Finn Connolly

    Gaming Group Gmod Colab

    Hey everyone ! Me and a fellow Yttalk user are planning on creating a colab series on garrys mod where we will play various game modes ! comment your skypes or steam usernames and we can all talk further !
  18. S

    Gaming Collaboration for Funny Videos Content

    Welcome To SaveGame Productions We are in the United States and we are looking for people also in the US Introduction Hello everyone and how are you? I am glad to see that you are interested in a collaboration, In this post I'm going to be stating what I'm looking for in this collaboration. I...
  19. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Gaming/Recording Squad 17+ MUST BE FLEXIBLE

    Just trying to form a group of 6-10 people that all play together and record together. must be outgoing, agreeable, fun, and have a good sense of humor. I myself am 18. Feel free to message me on steam "MouthyKid" or on skype "Shylyrushed" if you're interested or have any questions. All types of...
  20. OfficialRPGames

    Gaming Mature (kinda) Minecraft SMP Players Needed

    Background- My friend and I have run many servers together in the past, and the issue we find is that it ends up being just us, he's not a youtuber, but I am, and we both want a community on the server of more than just us, preferably 15-20 players who are on regularly at least once every other...
  21. Nessa

    Other Starting a Collab Channel?

    Hi. I was wondering if someone would like to start a collab channel (You still keep your main channel). We would be posting daily videos (once a week per person) and having weekly themes. Age 14 - 17 or around that. And every week someone gets to chose the theme. Whether it’s from our group...
  22. B

    Gaming Join infinity YouTube group

    Join infinity YouTube group max 10 active people we are a team so far we have 5 so five more ages are about 14-17 i know it's a big difference but not really when your playing if you interested sykpe it's bennaughton114 or gmail me it's Any subs Games minecraft,gmod,arma...
  23. R

    Gaming 18+ Youtubers Group/Collab (PC, Xbox One)

    Looking for a group of guys/girls to do some fun collabs with on pc or xbox one. I play all sorts of game but as of right now I'm playing Forza Horizon 3, Overwatch and going to be playing Titan Fall 2 when its released! You can add me on Xbox One (Omo Beerus) or on steam @ RhynoGaming. Not sure...
  24. Jeiyro

    Gaming EPIC Gaming PC Groups/Collabs

    I need a group, I solid gaming group, that can be able to upload funny moments or vids with each other. - No age required, just be mature enough to handle stuff - No time required, but I prefer PST, we can fix the timezone differences if any Games - GMod - CS:GO - Overwatch - Dead By Daylight
  25. BlueNodule Gaming

    Gaming VR Multiplayer Games

    I really don't have any preference for the game or the person, there are just a ton of multiplayer VR games that I would love to play with another youtuber. If you have a virtual reality headset like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift and you feel the same way, let me know and maybe we can start a...
  26. AZOZ

    Gaming Permanent Group team collab !! No sub

    Hello I wanna make a group team so we can play games and record ourselfs for YouTube I jump into the things I'm looking for so I wont waste your time :- - First of all, this is gonna be a permanent group like sidemens or something not just couple videos and leaving - You should be at least...
  27. B

    Gaming gaming group/community PC and 12-15

    HI me and my friend are setting up a group well we would call it a you tube group. you don't have to have a certain sub count or certain games although i do recommend having ether gmod or arma 2 or 3. this group will be freedom and we will all collab we will be closing the group when we reach...
  28. Chough

    Gaming Making a fifa group, like the sidemen!

    Hi I'm Chough, I would like to create a group like the sidemen who play together regularly on fifa. Me and my mate both have fifa channels and would like to collab with other youtubers and form this sort of group. If you feel we would work well together and you like the idea then get in touch...
  29. Lana wb

    Gaming Gmod collab group

    I'm 13 with 67 subs and I've recently bought gmod and would like to play games like murder and prop hunt with people must have skype must have good microphone must have 50+ subs must have gmod must be around my age Thanks for reading ^.^
  30. GreyGoneMad

    Gaming looking for collaboration on PC!

    What's up everyone! Im looking for someone or a group of people to collaborate with on PC the games i'm thinking foremost to play in this collab is following: GTA 5 Gmod Rocket League scrap mecanic who's your daddy Dead by Daylight and more The Requirement i have is: Above 18+ Good English...