Gaming Youtube Group


My name's Ingo and me and a friend of mine are currently looking for people to record and have fun together.
We're both 18 so we'd like people around our age. Also be decent at English, just so we can understand you, we're not native English.

The games we mostly play:
Dark souls 3
7 Days to die
Other survival games.
We're always up for some new games as well.

If you're interested please reply to this on YT or just via Youtube.
i'd be down. what type of games do you got?
Profiles to contact me on
Steam: Lift | Nadreye
Discord: [SoF] Nadreyethune
Twitter: Nadreyethune
Youtube: Nadreyethune
(im 17, and a guy)
Im not 18 But i sound 16, im 13 with 84 subs a Blue snowball microphone and a heavy duty PC.
SKYPE: Fluffy89
STEAM: Fluffy89