1. Techicvi

    Gaming Gta 5 on ps4

    Hey ... I'm looking foreally some ps4 tubers to collab with on gta 5 ... just let me know your psn below
  2. K

    Gaming Ps4 Looking to collab with people that are funny but don't curse too much lol

    BTW my videos are loud at times just to prepare you Check out my channel to see if our channel is similar We just like to have fun and make the games interesting Mostly play NBA 2K17 and WWE 2K17 and NO CHEESERS OR GLITCHERS!!!! But we are down to play other multiplayer games If you are...
  3. ACEProspects

    Gaming Looking for dedicated YouTubers!

    HEY GUYS! My name is Francesco and I'm the founder of the newly created, YouTube Gaming group, ACEProspects! I'm currently the most active uploader but I do have another member in the group who is starting to upload content on a more regular basis. I am looking for a positive hearted and...
  4. G


    I want to start a new YouTube channel where about 3-5 different people upload gaming videos or vlogs and we do podcasts once a week. I am currently a senior in High School and want to do something fun as a hobby (but also serious) while working after I graduate. I am 17, and a chick, though I...
  5. SwiftUnity

    Gaming PC Professional Gaming Collab! (800+ SUBS) Project Apex Group

  6. Diabetus

    Gaming Looking For More Gamers!

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers 2 months ago so that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with. Its Called AK Clan (we can...
  7. MagesticDragon

    Music Heathers : The Musical

    What This Is So, I decided to produce a few covers of Heathers : The Musical. Recently, a friend of mine suggested this musical to me, since I love musicals (Thanks Toni). Anyways, yes it'll be for a couple of videos, some parts are smaller compared to others. All I need to know which role you...
  8. Joshua Latreille

    Gaming PS4 Gaming Group

    Message me on PSN @ S0912014 to join youtube groupchat!
  9. SheepDreams


    Hello it's Sheepy! Ever wanted to make a video and you're like that sounds really cool but wait I don't have friends....what that's just me? Well anyways calling to all those that weren't meant to be legends! If you game and you got some kind of sense of humor well you came to the right post...
  10. GamingMax

    Gaming Looking for 1-2 youtubers gaming

    Hey there i have a group of 2 people and with me we are 3 and we looking for some more peoples tha't have a gaming youtube channel and there age are 18-(20+) if you interested to collaborate with us please add me on discord my name is: GamingMax#1825
  11. Diabetus

    Gaming Join Our Youtube Clan! (PC Only)

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends have decided to set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with Called AK Clan (we can...
  12. TheToastGamer

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers to collab & connect with!

    What is up guys, I'm looking for PC gamers only ( i only really game on PC) to collab with and to create a group with. In this group/collab there are no major requirements, only that you're nice and easy to get on with! I'm 19, so people near my age group would be cool, but it is not a must. I...
  13. KoziOnPc

    Gaming RUST GROUP

    Me and my friend want to start a series on Rust where we will raid and things like that we were thinking of getting 2 more people to join us to make a group of 4 that way it will be easier to gather resources and it would also be more fun.The only requierment we have is that you are 14 years old...
  14. J


    Sorry guys I have to Close this...
  15. Jurrell Lewars-Munro

    Majestic Casual on a smaller scale?

    Hey everyone! I'm asking a question that might benefit a lot of people. I'm a regular listener/viewer of the majestic casual youtube channel, which are essentially "videos" that expose independent artists to a larger audience pool, though this channel deals with already establishes semi-famous...
  16. Z

    Gaming Cards Against Humanity Collab Group (3-4 people)

    hey everyone im looking for a group of 3-4 people to play cards against humanity and make videos from it. must mave a good sense of humour and be around 14-17 years old (i'm 15 myself). If you're interested contact me on skype: swaginton_bear or on discord: ZombieTubeStreams i have around 200...
  17. Joshwarrior


    Joshwarrior is looking for more members in his friend group. It sounds like he has no friends but he does. We already have quite a few members. However we are looking for more to participate in PC and possible PS4 gaming. The main form of communication is Discord or Skype for PC and Party Chat...
  18. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Hey i'm 15 and I'm trying to put together a Gaming group. I have no idea what games. Things you need. - Good microphone - 14+ - play good games - don't be a jerk
  19. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys! I am Miksa and I am looking for people to collab with on pc in the US/Canada area. Mainly csgo and perhaps black ops 2. You need to be nice, respectful, not swear in videos (well, try not to at least) and have a sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. Here are the requirements; -Age...
  20. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking for long-term YouTube Gaming Group/Collab

    Hi i'm JayWolf20 a girl:wavespin:, so I want to make a gaming group / collab but every time I try the people I meet are mostly guys and they are either quiet or just don't talk until someone starts a conversation. so I don't have a group right now. I don't know if it's because i'm a girl... -I...
  21. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  22. Joshua Latreille

    Gaming PS4 Youtube gaming group

    We have a couple people already but if you wanna join then just message me on PSN @s0912014 or reply here!
  23. Joshua Latreille

    Gaming Looking to collab with anyone around the ages of 13-18 on PS4

    My youtube channel is Totally Intoxicated and I wanna collab with people! My channel only has 30 subscribers. I am 15 years old, don't click my link, it doesn't work, just look up totally intoxicated on the website!
  24. D

    Gaming I would like to play some Mario Party with you!

    Hi! I am DaffyDethklok and I would like to play Mario Party with you! Which one? We can play Mario party 1, 2 or 3! How? This will be done via an emulator (on PC) that comes with online play functionality! I will send you the links when I get people to play. In order to join, all you have to do...
  25. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking to make a long-term YouTube Girls Gaming Group/Colab

  26. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Creating a funny moments PC gaming group; GTAV,GMOD,Rust...

    I've recently wanted to start doing YouTube properly, and I'm looking to create a small group to play with and just have fun. Requirements to join Must be 16 or over, I myself am 17. Must have a good microphone. Must have Discord, that's how we'll communicate. That's it, no subs requirement...
  27. M

    Gaming Looking for pc collab.

    i am looking for someone who plays pc games like GTA 5, minecraft, Gmod and more. i am looking for someone of the age of 14 to 16 and i am a 15 years old male. also i live in UK. steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49818862 (google this to find my account.) steam name: mathew20113
  28. KoziOnPc

    Gaming Unturned Roleplay

    I am looking for someone to collab with on a Unturned RP server it dose not matter how many subs you have just looking to make fun and entertaining videos. Requirments: GMT Timezone or 1hr ahead Decent mic Skype if your interested contact me on Skype:KoziOnPc Ps.Im willing to play other...
  29. C

    Vlog Teen Collab Group

    Wouldn't it be great to have a group of 6-8 vloggers, all ages 17-20, to post a vlog once a week, as a collab group? If you'd be interested, email me at and we can chat, see if it would work!
  30. networkstudios

    Short Film looking for passionate film makers, animators, writers and editors

    i want to create a team of skilled and passionate film makers to work on large projects. me and a few close friends are already working on one large scale project called homage. but we believe we will hit the limits of our skills for it. hence reaching out to create this group. being a SciFi it...