1. Lethal

    Gaming CSGO Funny Moments and some other games.

    Requirements: MUST be from the UK, or Ireland. NEED have discord. Minimum Age: 13 NEED to be online on most days. NEED to have common game sense XD NEED to have a decent sense of humour. Sorry for being a bit harsh but wanted to get that out the way. Information About Me: Username: Lethal...
  2. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Gameplay - Funny & Insane Moments #2 (Negev so balanced, ace & more)

    This is my 2nd compilation of the best clips i've recorded so far. Feedback is appreciated!
  3. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Road to Global Elite - Zero to Hero #1

    Hey guys, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  4. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming PC collab

    Hey I'm just a small Youtuber with 15 subs. I know that's not a lot and that's okay. I just want to meet people who like to have fun recording and goofing around and so much more. Im just a chill guy and I love to goofy around. I dont ask much from people. All I want to have a group of friends...
  5. S

    Gaming Looking for some people to collab

    Hello I'm the SSJknight and I was looking for people to collab with I have CSGO and Minecraft If you are interested in collabing with me skype me up on discord or skype but I usually go on discord discord: SSJknight✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ#3732 skype: SSJknight
  6. T

    Gaming CSGO PC collab

    I am looking for a group of individual people that have different skills that make themselves funny. looking for optimistic people and not toxic. I have discord. OTHER GAMES I HAVE: dota 2 rainbow six siege gmod trove overwatch H1Z1 GTA V Dead By Daylight
  7. QuickCS:GO

    Gaming Looking For Partner To Grow With!

    Hey i am Quick aka Dom, i come from England and i want to collaborate with a Male! Rules: Must be funny Must play CSGO Age: 13-16 have under 50 subs must make and edit videos, like a pro :) I would like to start and make funny videos with you! and we could support each other and grow big on...
  8. TheFiveHive

    Gaming Close to 1k Subs ! Looking for People to Play with (Read for details)

    NEED TO HAVE: - 200+ SUBS - 15+ age - decent mic - consistency - good quality videos GAMES: Minecraft CSGO League of Legends All other F2P games If you are interested in a collab respond to this thread by describing your channel and post your G-MAIL We are looking for new people to collab...
  9. KingPug

    Gaming Looking For A PC Gamer Collab

    Hey my names Ryan im 14 (15 in about a month) and im looking for someone to collab with I have no videos but i used to do many before but i removed them cause i stopped for a while but im looking to get back into it with someone and hopefully that someone is you I am a PC gamer and i would be...
  10. ZavNation

    CSGO: Esea Pug ( Funny/Clutch Moments )

    Hey there! How are you guys doing on this fine day, I just wanted to share a video I made yesterday and captured some of the funny moments in this CSGO game. All and any feedback would be greatly appreciated on how I could improve and take my videos to an even greater level. Hope you guys...
  11. Camskiez


    I hope I can get some people laughing and make your day a little brighter. Thanks everyone
  12. akramnob

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers WHO DO CSGO FUNNY MOMENTS

    i just started a gaming channel.but its hard to do funny video without any one so if you want to collab with me just send me a message ......:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  13. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    Hello there. I am looking to collaborate with people on PC. I am not about the whole 'only collab to get subs' concept so you're welcome to collab with any subs! :) (I am in the Central Time ) I have a few requirements though! --> Requirements <-- Good microphone (doesn't need to be a blue...
  14. T


    hi i am Zee. I am looking for collaborations for csgo and other games. I want funny people as this will bring more viewers. i have 209 subscribers and i do not care about your subscribers i just want the personality. I do not accept people who has a big pride as this will bring bad name to our...
  15. TheOnlyICEYHD

    Gaming (PC) CSGO Funny Moments Collab Group

    Me and a few friends are looking for a some people interested in making CSGO Funny Moment videos with a good sense of humor. please be 16+, from America or Canada just so were in the same time range, and don't take games too seriously. we plan on making videos on more games in the future but for...
  16. Forrz

    Gaming YouTube Collab (Yes Its A Generic Name I Know)

    Hey y'all, I wanna do some collab videos with others. I'm looking to collab in games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Shell Shock Live, and other fun games. If you are interested, email me at mistahforrz@gmail.com or reply below :)
  17. Simplex

    Gaming CS:GO Funny Moments Group

    I'm looking for a group of people to play CS:GO with and make funny moments videos. I am a GN3 at the moment. Hoping to find people around my rank, who are funny and have youtube channels. Message me on steam or add me on discord: Simplex#6091 for more information or if you are interested...
  18. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking for PC Collab (I have 2000+ Subscribers)

    I'm looking for people interested in collabing with me. Heres some things you need to know before asking. - My channel consists of mostly Comedy / Trolling type stuff. - My channel is not PG-13 what so ever. - You must have at least 1500+ subscribers. - You must not take anything to...
  19. TheToastGamer

    Gaming Looking for PC gamers to collab & connect with!

    What is up guys, I'm looking for PC gamers only ( i only really game on PC) to collab with and to create a group with. In this group/collab there are no major requirements, only that you're nice and easy to get on with! I'm 19, so people near my age group would be cool, but it is not a must. I...
  20. C.Tomo

    Gaming Looking to collab on youtube with CSGO

    Hey guys what i am looking for is a individual willing to do a collaboration on YouTube. preferably someone who is into and also does content to do with CS GO so both parties will benefit from it. The sort of things i am looking for: 1. Same sort of content/interests 2. Over 350 subs (this is...
  21. T


    Hello! so i am Zee. I mostly play steam games... I am looking for funny people who are comedians so the collab group can be famous. I also need active people :) The max span of the group is 10! i am limiting the group so that we can be close to each other like the vanoss group... I am idolizing...
  22. Spook


    What's up, i'm posting to see how many of you goofy goobers would want to be featured in my CS:GO FUNNY MOMENT VIDEOS! My plan is to upload a new video every single week, but more content = more releases! TO SEE IF WE WOULD MESH AND TO WATCH EXAMPLE OF MY STYLE PLEASE CHECK MY MOST RECENT...
  23. GucciCarry

    CSGO : How to Troll on CSGO [CSGO AWP Hyper Beast Factory New Giveaway 2017] "CSGO Funny Moments"

  24. C.Tomo

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    Hey guys what i am looking for is a individual willing to do a collaboration on YouTube. preferably someone who is into and also does content to do with CS GO so both parties will benefit from it. The sort of things i am looking for: 1. Same sort of content/interests 2. Over 350 subs (this is...
  25. Gingeplayscs

    Gaming pc group wanted

    hi guys !! i am a small youtuber that wants to help others and grow myself i want to gather a group of 4-5 people to start making funny moments taking the p**s out of each other (as a joke) and just being good friends that post new vids together that will entertain a wide variate of people...
  26. Gingeplayscs

    Gaming CSGO group!!

    hey guys i am a small you tuber with around 40 subs. i would like to get a group of people to come and play to ake videos and funny moments together as i think it will help promote all of our channels. Requirements: to have games like CSGO, Gmod, Gang beasts etc A good mic Speaks good english...
  27. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys! I am Miksa and I am looking for people to collab with on pc in the US/Canada area. Mainly csgo and perhaps black ops 2. You need to be nice, respectful, not swear in videos (well, try not to at least) and have a sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. Here are the requirements; -Age...
  28. KrivixHD

    Csgo Highlights #1 - I'm To Good

    here you go ytalk ;)
  29. GucciCarry

    CSGO : How to Kick (AND BAN) a Retard on CSGO [CSGO Funny Moments & Fails]

    We're probably some of the biggest trolls that play CSGO, hands down. ► Enjoy my comment? Don't forget to subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/user/Smithtainment?sub_confirmation=1 ► When Retards Play CSGO ► Group Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4LGBeX2k0sO_Jrq-9vI1g ► GucciCarry &...
  30. KrivixHD

    KrivixHD My Gaming Channel ;)

    So I don't know how to fix my youtube link so here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQcJ-MS7DNsToidCcu-XpKQ So my channel rn I do Graphic design, minecraft, and csgo, but I'm getting a lot of games in this coming month is be ready for a lot of content as well as I have been posting pretty much...