Gaming CSGO Funny Moments and some other games.


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  • MUST be from the UK, or Ireland.
  • NEED have discord.
  • Minimum Age: 13
  • NEED to be online on most days.
  • NEED to have common game sense XD
  • NEED to have a decent sense of humour.
Sorry for being a bit harsh but wanted to get that out the way.

Information About Me:
Username: Lethal
Age: 14, birthday is 16 June, 2002.

Most Played Games: CSGO, Rocket League, PLAYERUNKOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS, sometimes H1Z1: King of the Kill.
Steam Name: ✦ Lethal
Discord Tag: ✦ Lethal#5761 (Copy and Paste)
English? No, I don't speak english obviously.
CSGO Rank (coz why tf not): MG (Master Guardian) but I have a GN2(Gold Nova 2) alt.