1. T

    Gaming Pc gaming group

    I AM JOINING A COLLAB Anyone wants to collab? hit me up on skype "Zee 4" i play on pc. pc games: -gta 5 -csgo -gmod -dead by daylight -overwatch -rainbow six siege -Disc wars any more... i am looking for 16+ i am 16 myself. i need to collab with people that are funny and wont take jokes...
  2. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  3. KrivixHD

    Gaming PC Gaming Crew!

    Hey my name is Ethan or aka KrivixHD on youtube I just recently started my channel and looking for a group of people to collaborate with. I mostly play games like fps, and mobas but I will play anything. So who's in? comment
  4. GucciCarry

    Top 5 Ninja Defuses Of The Week (CSGO Highlights) [NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT]

    Sup guys! Been wanting to start this series for a while now. It's another way of me promoting youtubers similar to how I do my shout out series. Here is how this series works Each week (every Friday) I'm going to put together a top 5 ninja defusesof the week video. Basically if you have any...
  5. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Creating a funny moments PC gaming group; GTAV,GMOD,Rust...

    I've recently wanted to start doing YouTube properly, and I'm looking to create a small group to play with and just have fun. Requirements to join Must be 16 or over, I myself am 17. Must have a good microphone. Must have Discord, that's how we'll communicate. That's it, no subs requirement...
  6. GucciCarry


  7. A


    Hello guys! My name is August im 13 Y/O. Im from Denmark but my english i like a normal english person. I dont have a youtube channnl. Oh no! Im looking for people that have a youtube channel. Im very funny(i would say so myself). And i really want to be the funny sideman. I mostly play...
  8. nutwad


    Hey! :bounce: Looks like you've stumbled upon my channel! My name is Nutwad and I'm currently a highschool student studying in North America. Becoming a YouTuber has always been my dream, and now I've finally decided to dedicate my time and effort to accomplish it. From gameplay highlights...
  9. GucciCarry

    Top 5 Ninja Defuses Of The Week (CSGO Highlights) [NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT]

  10. GucciCarry

    CSGO Guide 2017 : How to Ninja Defuse (Ninja Defuse Locations) [Dust 2]

  11. TheRealSwizzHD

    Gaming Looking to make funny/trolling in BF1 and CSGO vids.

    Hey everyone, Requirements: Im looking for a group of serious youtubers to get on and record witha few times a week. Necessities: - A good mic and recording software - be over 16 (age) - Have made enough videos (at least 15) to show that you are experieced in editting etc. Ideally: - Have...
  12. ZERØHD

    Request CS:GO Youtube Gaming Banner!

    Hello everyone, I have a Youtube CSGO gaming channel that is in need of new graphics and I'm hoping that on here I will find some good talented graphic artists who can do just the thing! I would like the banner art to be somewhat similar to banana gaming on youtube (He is a csgo youtuber)...
  13. J

    Gaming PZLA.tv Looking to Collaborate with Any YouTube CS:GO / DOOM

    Hey Guys, I am very new to Youtube Streaming. I am looknig to collaborate in exchange for anything. I can help with sponsoring channels and providing you with anything you could need. I love playing csgo, doom, WoW. etc. Please contact me if any of you are interested. Best, -PZLAtv
  14. I

    Gaming Looking for collab partners I got 15 subscriber, so lets work together!

    I do Overwatch, Minecraft and SOON CSGO when I'm ready. I would love to find small channels like mine to work with and just in general have fun with. So my skype is Illumify so add me there and also reply on this thread for details. See you later!
  15. GucciCarry

    CSGO Christmas Special "The Christmas Ninja" (Ninja Defuses) [CSGO GIVEAWAY FREE AMAZON GIFT CARD]

  16. GucciCarry

    CSGO : DRUG ADDICT, FAPPING, & MEMES [CSGO Funny Moments and Fails]

  17. SinxeGaming

    Gaming Looking for pc collab csgo and gmod etc, 16+ and uk (or near he uk) timezone. No sub amount required

    Im looking for some people would like to record funny moments and such on games like csgo and gmod. I say 16+ because if you see any of my videos, its not all that child friendly. I live in the UK so the timezone if you are in places like USA is just too difficult with the time difference to...
  18. GucciCarry

    CSGO : THE RETARD SQUAD [Funny Moments and Fails]

  19. GucciCarry

    Top 5 Kills Of The Week (CSGO) [Promoting Youtubers]

    Sup guys! Been wanting to start this series for a while now. It's another way of me promoting youtubers similar to how I do my shout out series. Here is how this series works Each week (every Wed.) I'm going to put together a top 5 kills of the week video. If you make some sick plays you can...
  20. GucciCarry

    CSGO Trolling : ******* OFF MY FRIENDS IN CSGO [Funny Moments and Fails]

  21. GucciCarry

    ZEUSING ON CSGO LIKE A BAUSS (Derpiest Video on CSGO EVER) [Funny Moments and Fails]

  22. A

    Gaming PC gamers collab ? Gmod, CSGO, Minecraft and pretty much anything

    Hey guys, so me and my friend are looking for some people to collab with. I'm 19 and he's 22 so a basic requirement which we are looking for is at least 18+. UK based or European based timezones are recommended but if you don't live in the gmt timezone, it isn't a tiebreaker. We can work...
  23. GucciCarry


  24. Ataviro


    Hey my names Ataviro and i am looking for people to record with. I already record with 2 other youtubers regularly and we are looking to spread are ground and bring in more cool people that enjoy YouTube and ARE ACTIVE THIS IS A BIG ONE. as you might notice on my channel we all have good mics...
  25. ColdyHD

    Gaming Looking for CSGO & Rocket leauge PC Collab 100+ subs req

    Hey My name is Coldy i am 16 years old. i have been doing professional youtube for around a week now my videos have gained a total around 220 views and i am at 130 subsribers. I am looking for a funny, mature and relevent youtuber that aims to be proffesional and wants to grow his/her channel...
  26. M

    Gaming Youtube PC Gaming Collab (Variety of Games like CSGO and Ark Survival)

    Looking for other PC gamers to make videos , in a completely fresh channel but have had successful channels within the past just wanted to start again as it was from a while back .I can play a wide variety of games like CSGO and Ark Survival and will be posting regularly aswell (Every other day)...
  27. P

    Request Free Channel Art and Intro/Outros Needed Please

    Hey, we are just starting our channel and we're looking for free some channel art and an intro and an outro for our gaming channel as neither of us are any good at graphic design. Any help would be greatly appreciated and all work would of course be credited. As we are a gaming channel we would...
  28. Z

    Gaming Forza Horizon 3 Challenge video

    hey i am looking for 3 to 5 people to make a few challenge videos in forza i dont have alot of subs so i dont expect the people in the video to have a lot of subs ether i just want to find some people who want to have fun and to come up with some cool ideas i also play other games like csgo and...
  29. Kniving777

    Gaming Looking for a solid group of friends - Funny Moments

    Hi everyone, I'm Kniving777, and I'm looking for some more people to play games with Basically, I'd like to start a close group of friends who play games together. I've switched my channel to "Funny Moments" and such, so commentaries/letsplays aren't really my thing. This way, I like...
  30. WillDP

    Gaming CS:GO Collab

    Hey guys! I'm looking for some CS:GO youtubers around the silver rank, or higher (if you are willing to carry). I would like to find people who want to create some random CS:GO videos with some friends and I. I don't really care how many subs you have, just as long you upload consistently and...