Top 5 Ninja Defuses Of The Week (CSGO Highlights) [NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT]


I Love YTtalk
Sup guys! Been wanting to start this series for a while now. It's another way of me promoting youtubers similar to how I do my shout out series. Here is how this series works

Each week (every Friday) I'm going to put together a top 5 ninja defusesof the week video. Basically if you have any sick clips you'd like me to make a video of send them to my email and I will review the clips. I will pick 5 of the best clips I receive each week and put together a video. Your channel will be displayed and your channel will be in the description if your clip is good enough for the video. Once again this has no requirements all you have to do is send me clips. You can also send them to me on youtube if you can't do it by email. I would like to ask for one favor - please make the clips as small as possible because my internet speed is s**t and I have to download them obviously.