1. Sir Stellar

    Feedback needed!

    Hey guys so i recently uploaded my second video to youtube. My channel is based around stories of mylife with a funny twist to them (i hope they're funny XD). I would really appreciate if you can give me any feedback on my channel, so i could see what i need to change up or what i need to keep...
  2. X


    Hey Guys, Im A 14 Year Old Youtuber, I Haven't Uploaded Much And Now Want To Get Back Into It I Play On The PC And PS4 If You Want To Collab Plz Add Me On Skype! - xXHydro345Xx I Play PC: CSGO Smite Overwatch Minecraft(Aint Good But Eh xD) Dead By Daylight Gmod Cod WAW (Cuz zombiessssss) PS4...
  3. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hey I'm Zenova, Hope you are having a good day! I am here to ask if someone wants to make a CSGO Collab with me,I like to make "Montage type things" you can see them on my channel! If you want to Collab we will add each other on skype and we can talk, and we will exchange CS:GO highlight...
  4. R

    Gaming looking for pc gamers to collab with

    what up guys i have not long started my channel and are looking for people to collab with, sub count does not matter too me as long as you have a good sense of humour and a decent mic game i play are.... csgo, day z, arma 3, gta 5, garrys mod, the culling, team fortress and willing to get other...
  5. TheDirectorsOfGaming


  6. TheDirectorsOfGaming


  7. born2bleach

    Gaming Gmod - CS:GO - Minecraft (LETS Start a fun Group)

    1. Must have aleast ONE of these games // gmod // csgo // css // mw2 // h1z1 // tf2 // minecraft // left 4 dead 2 // unturned // 2. must be at least 13 and up 3. have a solid fan base 4. and be happy and enjoyable to the viewers :) 5. Active skype : partyxxbot hit me up for a collab
  8. D0ntw1sh

    Gaming anyone want to collab

    anyone want to collab with me on overwatch or csgo for a youtube video

    Gaming CSGO Collaboration

    Hi there, I would like a person or even more people to join me in a csgo comp collaboration. I don't care how many subscribers you have but you need to be in the csgo rank gold nova master to dmg or higher if you want. Contact me via steam: ZeroHDin720pAlso please have a good quality mic and...
  10. R

    Gaming CSGO Collab or possible clan !

    Hi im looking for a reliable group of people to play csgo with if anything i would like to create a clan to play hopefully it would be easier to rank up . i also do youtube on gameplay about csgo so recording with you would be so helpful. Skype : Rickss01 instagram : igrickss Steam : Rickss...
  11. Extreemer162


  12. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming Anybody wanna CSGO collab with me ?

  13. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming Anybody wanna CSGO collab with me ?

    My name´s bananacupcake and i play csgo. Rules. 13 and older is fine with me. (i'm 14) you must have a blue yeti. (just kidding you just have to have a decent quality mic) I play CS and suck at it. you can watch my only video that's on my channel (that does have commentary) and you can see if...
  14. P

    Gaming CSGO COLLABS (giveaways, funny moments etc)

    Yo! Channel with 79 subs looking to do some collabs! We could do anything; challenges, play mm, gamble, open cases etc etc. Anyone intersted? I am from Europe btw.
  15. VelocityVg

    Gaming CsGo collab

    Hey i am looking for someone to collab with i want someone from the age of 13-15 that has a mic and is able to record and talk with it I am planing to Play some comp with some and some custom things to do with some random people so if you are interested send me a message me and if you cant...
  16. ComradeSupreme

    Look into my soul and give me feedback!

    In reality, I mean my video. This is my latest one with CSGO - trying out a different style with editing. One thing that must be noted beforehand, OBS hated me that day. Thus, the recording was oddly choppy. I already know this and will be fixing that in the future. Besides that, everything...
  17. 42Blazing

    Gaming Recruiting DANK Youtubers For A PC Collab Group!!

    Looking for some noice m80's for our group we have 4 people so far and are looking for more. We will play games such as Gmod, CS:GO , Cory in the house simulator , and much much more. Steam:42blazing
  18. Brandzor

    You've been HYPNODISKED! - CS:GO Robot Wars (EP1)

    It's dark. You're alone in the forest. You hear a noise. You go towards the noise. You look behind a bush... BAM! YOU'VE BEEN HYPNODISKED! Basically, CS:GO + ROBOT WARS = Best combo ever. Check out the video and see some hot robot on robot action!
  19. Krympin

    Gaming Recruitment for new CSGO/COD clan

    Hey, if you clicked on this that means you want to be a part of a larger network of youtubers and grow your channel while having fun. This clan is your chance to get in early on a fast growing group of youtubers. Me and a couple of other youtubers have decided to come together and form a clan...
  20. ComradeSupreme

    Comrade Supreme's Ultimate Video Collection! Come Enjoy!

    I'm going to make this easy for everyone! Super easy! So, I'm posting all my videos on YTTalk so everyone can view them from the access of the forum! If you're liking my stuff, check out my channel and do as you please! I'll appreciate it at all times. So enjoy the videos, hope they give you a...
  21. Extreemer162

    CSGO Knife Case Open / Unboxing Compilation

    This is a simple (little) csgo knife uboxing compilation hope you like it :D (sorry if this is not right place for this type of videos :) )