Comrade Supreme's Ultimate Video Collection! Come Enjoy!


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I'm going to make this easy for everyone! Super easy! So, I'm posting all my videos on YTTalk so everyone can view them from the access of the forum!

If you're liking my stuff, check out my channel and do as you please! I'll appreciate it at all times.

So enjoy the videos, hope they give you a good laugh! My videos clearly get better the newer they are, haha. Go to the bottom for the latest video!

List goes from oldest to latest for regular videos:

More will be posted in the future! Enjoy![DOUBLEPOST=1465522768,1465516182][/DOUBLEPOST]The latest video! Breaking Dragons in Dark Souls 3!

[DOUBLEPOST=1466084304][/DOUBLEPOST]My latest little short video! More Counter Strike!

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Another goodie! This time I break the game and feel broken on the inside too! Oh, joy!

[DOUBLEPOST=1467300136,1467217978][/DOUBLEPOST]Another addition to this long list! This time it's a fake boss fight!