Gaming Gmod - CS:GO - Minecraft (LETS Start a fun Group)


1. Must have aleast ONE of these games // gmod // csgo // css // mw2 // h1z1 // tf2 // minecraft // left 4 dead 2 // unturned //

2. must be at least 13 and up

3. have a solid fan base

4. and be happy and enjoyable to the viewers :)

5. Active

skype : partyxxbot
hit me up for a collab
1. I have Minecraft, Gmod (Pc problems, gonna fix them, so no gmod YET), I have tf2 (Problems 2)
2. I'm 16
3. Not really solid, my channel died many times due to school (1 time) and I was depressed for 2 years, so that's when my channel really died, but I gained 100 subs since I started as "Funny Zimon"
4. I'm happy now
5. Not always active, but I'm going to make a scheduele and tommorow my school ends, so I have loads of time :)
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