1. born2bleach

    Gaming PC Funny Group (PC)

    I am looking for a group of youtubers who I can collaborate with in the near future. We will look to play such games as csgo / gmod / tf2 / h1z1 / cod : waw / and more Requirements Ages 14 -20 Must have good channel art Entertaining/funny Good English not a leafy clone To get into contact...
  2. born2bleach

    Gaming Gmod - CS:GO - Minecraft (LETS Start a fun Group)

    1. Must have aleast ONE of these games // gmod // csgo // css // mw2 // h1z1 // tf2 // minecraft // left 4 dead 2 // unturned // 2. must be at least 13 and up 3. have a solid fan base 4. and be happy and enjoyable to the viewers :) 5. Active skype : partyxxbot hit me up for a collab
  3. SpielClouded

    Which of theese designs should i use??

    I am starting a brand new youtube channel called "SpielClouded". It is a channel for gaming commentary and video reviews. It is going to be something similar to Leafy and Pyrocynical. I was just wondering which of the designs i should go for? Also if there is something i could change to improve...