1. ImVolce

    Gaming Looking for a Funny Moments Recording group like the Misfits! (Xbox / PC / PS4)

    Hi my name is Volce, me and my friends are looking for a recording group.. We are a dark sense of individuals like the Misfits (SwaggerSouls , Fitz , Zuckles . RaccoonEggs etc.) We record discord, CSGO, Rainbow (on pc), COD Modern Warfare (when its out) and.. many other games! The requirements...
  2. DerpyElora

    Gaming Are You A Derp Like Me?

    Hoi everyone! I'm attempting to make new friends and create some funny and entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long-lasting group that can make each other laugh. I have a Discord...
  3. PhysicsFreak101

    Discord Funny Moments

    Welp, I had no idea where to put this, so I'm putting it in Comedy XD.
  4. ImVolce

    Gaming looking for people to rec funny moments with (ps4 only)

    Hi! my name is Volce and I do funny moments. I am looking for people who are funny and who mess around on video games there is a few requirements! *If you wanna contact me here is my discord! --> Im Volce#5796 #1 must have discord! - you must have discord so when we play we can all talk in a...
  5. B

    Gaming Black Ops 4 Funny Moments PC

    Hey I would like to create a epic group of friends to play black ops 4 and other games from time to time. requirements: decent mic discord(mine is Px Bakarainic#7619) funny 13 or above (im 14 btw)
  6. PhysicsFreak101

    I don't know how to improve my Funny Moments Content.

    Hi, my name is Jake, and I have been doing YouTube for a little over 2 years. The last 6 or so months I have been getting into making "Funny Moments" style content, and I made a new channel specifically for that type of content. I am hoping that people can give me some recommendations for my...
  7. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming Looking for Funny YouTubers PC ONLY

    Hey, my name is Jake, and I run the YouTube channel called PhysicsFreak. I am looking for talented individuals that put a lot of time and effort into creating YouTube videos, and want to be professional about it. I want people who strive to better themselves through YouTube. I also want people...
  8. Iam_Son_Of_Odin


    Hi there! Im looking for someone who like to play Gmod on private servers and make funny moments. What im thinking to play on Gmod: - Prop hunt - Deathrun - Hide and seek - Guess who Soo far I have some friends who are playing this, but we want some more to join us. If you like this...
  9. JinxGaming

    Gaming Looking for Serious Gaming Funny Moments YouTubers! (Xbox One)

    Hi, my name is Jinx (you can call me Tyler) and I am looking for funny, creative, dedicated, and chill people to record with on Xbox. Requirements: Obviously.. must have an Xbox one. Must have active subscribers. Must have previous videos of Funny Moments. Must be a teenager or adult. Must be...
  10. xMittzi

    Gaming (PS4 + PC) Looking to do a Collab

    Hello, Im VERZY. Im 17 years old and im from Ireland. I recently revamped my channel after a long time of inactivity but now im back! Im looking to widen my contacts so we can help eachother along the way. If you are interest please leave a message, Thanks :)
  11. Suprex

    Gaming Looking for people to play PUBG and other games with

    Looking to make funny moment videos and maybe stream with. Hate playing PUBG Solos so it'd be nice to have someone to play that and other games with :) Discord: Suprex#9646
  12. Dante Gaming

    Gaming Funny Moments Group (Xbox,PC)

    I'm looking to create a funny moments group that is passionate about YouTube We have only a few members and are looking to expand XBOX AND PC 1) You need to be funny 2) Good thumbnails 3) have quality videos 4) Good Channel art 5) Consistent 6) 100+ subscribers If you fit all of these, link...
  13. Dewronty

    Gaming A funny moments group with a more intense humor

    Here's the basic thing: I want to play games like GMod, CS GO (not my favorite but eh), Golf It!, and Cards Against Humanity. There's one problem I have nobody to do it with (Friends = RIP) I'm 16, channel name Dewronty Gaming, about 100 subs
  14. The Happy Gamer

    Funniest Moments So Far #16

    Here's a Funniest Moments So Far episode from a series I do regularly on my channel. Hope it makes you laugh!
  15. Suprex

    Gaming looking to start a YouTube gaming crew! (PC)

    looking to start a group like The Crew and Vanoss's group. If you're down to make funny videos and have a good time just hmu on discord or skype. (preferably discord) Must be at least 16 years and up. I have many games that you may have as well. Thanks! Skype - y0_react Discord- Suprex#9646
  16. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Group!

    Looking for YouTubers over 16 to make funny videos with. Videos like Vanoss and Speedy but maybe better ;p Requirements: - 16+ no one younger. - good mic - subs DONT matter - willing to play and record most of the time. - dont get butthurt and just be genuine, Be yourself. Games: CSGO GMOD...
  17. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Crew!! (16+)

    Looking to start a PC gaming crew. Basically a crew to play games and make funny content. Requirements: -MUST be 16 or older -Have a decent mic with NO background noise -Have a sense of humor and doesn't get really butthurt -Games: -CSGO -GMOD -Gang Beasts -GTA -Golf It/ with...
  18. MicroMike

    Gaming want to start a group of PC gamers to make funny gaming videos

    I am a relatively new YouTuber I have 80 subscribers and I make some good videos. If you want to see my videos go to YouTube and search MicroMike and I should be the first one to pop up if not well i am the one with 80 subs. Anyway I am looking for people to collab with on the pc. I want to make...
  19. CoreyPlays

    GTA5 Funny Moments

    Join me today for a GTA5 funny moments with some friends.
  20. PappaPhyko

    Gaming PC Gaming Funny Moments Collaboration!!!

    Hey my name is Jake or PappaPhyko and i am looking for people to Collaborate with in pc gaming funny moments, Pretty much everyone is welcome but you have to comply with these small things that i ask of! You Have To Have/Be The Following: *Be 15+ *Have Skype/Discord & A Decent Microphone *Not A...
  21. The Happy Gamer

    BOMB DOT | Funniest Moments So Far #14

    Another great Funniest Moments montage for the enjoyment of your beautiful soul!
  22. The Happy Gamer

    BOOTY | Funniest Moments So Far #13

    Prepare yourselves for the funniest Funniest Moments So Far yet!
  23. K

    Green Green, Green Green Green.. - SKYCLASH MOMENTS W/ KIRBALT PLAYS!

  24. R


    RetroRay becomes the new town mayor and decides to make the most beautiful city ever... Want to try the game for yourself- SUBSCRIBE - CHECK US OUT ON- Twitter-@trg3445 ---------------------(MUSIC...
  25. ZERØHD

    CSGO Funny Moments, Please Review

    Hi, So i recently got a bunch of friends together and I started to make these type of funny moments video. I would like some feedback on how I did with this particular video, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  26. KaziproductionsHD

    Top 10 Amanda Waller Moments

    The title says it all , Please leave a like if you found this video interesting :) Thank you
  27. J

    Gaming [pc] collab cs go funny moments

    i'm a 13 year old guy wanting to collab with someone (13+ and you need a good mic i have 0 subs)
  28. MKS37LOTUS

    Gaming PC collaboration on steam games (igots400+subs)

    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->ABOUT THE COLLABORATION If your interested in for collaborating with me, add my Skype and also join my discord because discord is what i'm mostly on now a days...
  29. born2bleach

    Gaming Gmod - CS:GO - Minecraft (LETS Start a fun Group)

    1. Must have aleast ONE of these games // gmod // csgo // css // mw2 // h1z1 // tf2 // minecraft // left 4 dead 2 // unturned // 2. must be at least 13 and up 3. have a solid fan base 4. and be happy and enjoyable to the viewers :) 5. Active skype : partyxxbot hit me up for a collab
  30. Mattaxol

    THIS GAME IS SO COOL | Wolfenstein: The New Order | Best Parts #2

    Another Wolfenstein video, really hope you guys enjoy again as I put loads of effort into these videos. Thank you!! :)