Gaming Are You A Derp Like Me?


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Hoi everyone! I'm attempting to make new friends and create some funny and entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch. The main focus of this is to have fun, make some funny moments, and entertain. I am hoping this can be a long-lasting group that can make each other laugh. I have a Discord where you can join and meet everyone and we'll see if it works or not. Even if you don't want to collab with us or if we don't work well you can still join me and the others since it's a public Discord Server.

- Counter-Strike
- Garry's Mod
- Golf With Your Friends
- Shellshock Live
- Card Against Humanity
- Uno
- Stick Fight: The Game
- Any Other Game We Find That Could Be Fun

- Be 17+ years old
- Have a great sense of humor
- Be active on YouTube and/or Twitch
- Have Discord
- Don't be toxic we're here to have fun
- Don't take the game too seriously, I too get really competitive but it's not fun if you're playing just to win. enjoy the game.
- We'll talk to you if we feel like you are doing something that won't fly in the server.

add me if you want Elora#3362
I have most of the games that you have mentioned, and i have the same goal. to make some friends, fun content , ect. so yeah ill definitely add you on discord.