Gaming Looking for Serious Gaming Funny Moments YouTubers! (Xbox One)


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Hi, my name is Jinx (you can call me Tyler) and I am looking for funny, creative, dedicated, and chill people to record with on Xbox.

Obviously.. must have an Xbox one.
Must have active subscribers.
Must have previous videos of Funny Moments.
Must be a teenager or adult.
Must be able to record often.
Must be a respectable person.

Thank you for reading the requirements. If you feel you meet these requirement feel free to message my Gamertag: Flip Jinx, or you can comment down below your channel name. If you want to check out my channel my name is Jinx Gaming and I have around 915 subscribers. Again, thanks for reading and I hope to record with some of you guys soon!
My Youtube Name is WingsOfRush, i just started (revived) this channel, but ive had previous ones that were sorta big. i am starting to find some friends for gmod and golf and other PC games, but i mostly play Xbox and have a lot of common games and new games. my GT is XxWingsOfRushxX