xbox one collab

  1. A

    Meet Up/Gathering XBOX USERS WANTED

    Hey guys im kieran im 25 looking for some cool people to come along and collaborate and have fun i have a full time job and on most night to record ive been recording rainbow 6 gta 5 ark (got my own server boosted) sea of thieves minecraft and alot more but there the mains ones i play if you...
  2. Drywinner

    Gaming (XBOX)Looking for a people to collab and each others channel with!!

    Hey everyone. I have made a few youtube channels throughout the years that have gotten no where and i have decided to dedicate a lot of my time to this channel i have the now which i have had for about a 10 months. I am looking for people to collab with on any of the following games(these are...
  3. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking for a gaming group

    Looking for a bunch of people to play with and have fun with, I like to upload Funny Moment videos but I also like to upload Walkthroughs and serious videos. I mostly play on PS4 but I have an Xbox one and a good gaming PC, so I can play whatever we want Age: Preferably 18+ but if you seem cool...
  4. MrJude12

    Gaming Grow Channels Together!

    I have been making videos for a while now but now I want to take it very serious and grow with other people and make awesome videos and get different ideas I am 20 years old and I live in Australia Anyone around my age would be cool Prefer if you had a decent sounding mic I play PS4, Xbox One...
  5. T

    Gaming Xbox One Collabs

    Hello Everybody, My name is Bradderz and i have 5 subscribers. I have been trying to grow my channel from the start but i need the power of you guys to help me out. Anyone who has 50-1,000 Subscribers can collab with me.
  6. JinxGaming

    Gaming Looking for Serious Gaming Funny Moments YouTubers! (Xbox One)

    Hi, my name is Jinx (you can call me Tyler) and I am looking for funny, creative, dedicated, and chill people to record with on Xbox. Requirements: Obviously.. must have an Xbox one. Must have active subscribers. Must have previous videos of Funny Moments. Must be a teenager or adult. Must be...
  7. MrJude12

    Gaming Pc/Ps4 collab

    I am looking for a funny moments group or even someone to do walkthroughs with on some cool games, I have 60 Subscribers. I try to record and make videos as often as I can. Requirements: 18+ preferably, good mic, not a D**k and has a good sense of humour Ps4: Fortnite, Ufc3, Rainbow Six...
  8. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny moments Crew

    Looking for a group of people to make some funny moments videos with 18+ preferably and need to have a good sense of humour I play on Ps4 mostly but have an Xbox one and am getting a pc very soon Ps4 games: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rainbow Six Siege Call of duty dying light fortnite rocket...
  9. KachowMyCow

    Gaming Looking for people to play Xbox games and record with me

    I only have 3 subs but i'm a heck of a good time. Main things I play are Fortnite and Battlefield but ask if you have another suggestion and want to collab! I have an elgato, a blue snowball, and 2 monitors so i'm not messing around either. I'm only 14 and 3 quarters though, but Im not a...
  10. CrunchyTvYT

    Gaming Collab for xb1 yt

    I do Xbox one gaming on YT and im looking for people to collab with so i can grow! reply and Dm me on twitter for a collab ;)
  11. Goob Squad

    Gaming Looking for xbox one collab: 16+ age and active youtube channel

    Hey peeps I am looking for some people to collab with on xbox one. Amount of subs doesn't matter just need good quality content. Email me at to talk about more info.
  12. Z

    Gaming Looking for a gaming group (Xbox 1/PC)

    hey all i am a small youtuber with around 200 subs, i post pretty much daily videos of fifa and call of duty but was thinking of branching out to other game such as minecraft, gears of war and cards against humanity, if interested add me on discord (ZombieTubeStreams)
  13. R

    Gaming Searching for Xbox One Collab Team

    Hey guys its RippedTiara! I am in search of a team of youtubers interested in collaborating on gaming videos. I had a previous youtube channel of 215 Subs but I had to delete it due to personal reasons. However, I loved it and want to continue making videos. My new channel is almost finalized...
  14. Ignite

    Gaming Looking for people to add to gaming group

    So I usually play with 2 other people but I would like to get more people to play with as not everyone is always online Looking for people on Xbox one who just want to have a laugh, can take a joke and doesn't take anything that seriously I mostly play Call of duty and GTA V but I also have...
  15. JoeGames

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Xbox One youtubers

    Hey guys I'm JoeGames I currently have no subs but looking to grow. I would like to start by making a small Minecraft Xbox one world for all of the people that respond. I do have 1 or 2 real life friends that will be joining us. I am in Central time Zone and will be trying to record on the...
  16. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Xbox One and PC Serious Group Needing Members!

    Hi everyone, I'm the Social Media Director for a group/upcoming business called First Order Entertainment, and we are looking for more members. First Order Entertainment, FOE for short, is slowly going to become an entertainment company on YouTube and other places on the internet. We play games...
  17. MightyMadrista


    We are looking for some people who would be interested in making fifa videos together and possibly make another channel playing some other xbox one games. Let us know if you are interested on twitter, youtube, or comment on this post.
  18. iSwune

    Gaming NBA 2K17 XBOX One Collarboration

    So I have a YouTube channel of over 400 subs and am trying to find new ways to grow. So i figured, why not try a collaboration. So if you have a YouTube channel, play NBA 2K17 and are on XBOX One, lets do a collaboration. I play online ranked match (Play Now Online), pro am, mypark, and will be...
  19. nezra

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    Hi i am 17 year old looking to collab with other YouTubers. I play on an Xbox one console and currently have over 100 subs. I play Bo3 mostly will be buying Battlefield 1 and advance warfare and all so have mincraft and bo1. If you would like to collab leave a message or check out one of my...
  20. Cam Kirkham

    Gaming Anyone up for a FIFA 16 Collab? xbox one

    Hi everyone, just checking if anyone is up for a game on fifa 16 which can help to grow your channel and mine! I average just under 1k with the views to video ratio! Good exposure for your channel!