Gaming Looking for a gaming group


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Looking for a bunch of people to play with and have fun with, I like to upload Funny Moment videos but I also like to upload Walkthroughs and serious videos.
I mostly play on PS4 but I have an Xbox one and a good gaming PC, so I can play whatever we want

Age: Preferably 18+ but if you seem cool its okay
No potato Mic
Good sense of humour
Don't get offended by everything (Not that I am offensive)
Hey I’d be down to join a gaming group. I already have a couple guys that I play with on PC. Message me on discord and we’ll talk
Gunshot501 #6916
I'd be down to be with a gaming group, I'm starting to make YouTube videos again and uploading consistently. I sound a few years younger than 18, but I am 17 and would be mature and fine with offensive stuff, etc. My discord is Skoot#3078 if you want to add me. I would mostly play on Xbox, but most games on it would be fine.