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I have been making videos for a while now but now I want to take it very serious and grow with other people and make awesome videos and get different ideas

I am 20 years old and I live in Australia
Anyone around my age would be cool
Prefer if you had a decent sounding mic

I play PS4, Xbox One and occasionally PC if I have to (I have a good gaming PC)
Play just about any game whether its new or old
Games I play the most these days: Rainbow Six Siege, Red Dead Online, Black ops 4, Dead by Daylight, Battlefront 2, Overwatch

If you are curious about other games ask and I probably have it

Check out my channel if you want to know how I make my videos
hey I would like to collab with u. I live at Indonesian, so I think the ping its not going to be a big of a deal tho. I played on PC, I recently play game like R6Siege, GTAV, Dota2. But I also play CSGO, GMod, friday the13th, etc. I think im going to buy dayz standalone next steam event if it got discount. lol
u can add me on discord PANNDAS#9297 or just emailed me and I send u my steam id..
you can find me on yt aswell Operator Panndas (yes, with two "N") and I can see the similarity of our r6s content
Hey, I'd be down to play any game on xbox or pc. Problem is I live in Canada eastern time which probably would be the biggest issue. If your okay with that hit me up some time and ill let you know if im good to play then (I do a lot of extra curriculars). my xbox GT is: Gunshot501, my Steam: Gunshot501, I have discord but cant remember the numbers lol
I am also interested I am from the US-South but only play on ps4 working on getting a good PC!, if you are interested my gamertag, is SilentSniperYT!
I am also interested, I live in Jamaica, in the Caribbean. I have a really new gaming channel. So far I am playing shadow of the tomb raider. I also like games like no man's sky and subnatica. I am also always trying to support the indie game developers.