1. H

    Gaming Black Ops 2, Xbox 360 6 man S&D and TDM Teammates Needed for RC Challenges, Trickshotting.

    Hey Guys!! Im trying to complete a few Recruitment Challenges, if you wanna 6 man on bo2 in TDM or S&D, hmm on my twitter or IG, Hollywood13Game. Looking for moderate to advanced trickshotters, if your already in a tricks hotting clan, maybe we can hookup and play a few games and talk about...
  2. sincere tk

    Music Looking 2 Do Side By Side Video Covers With Aspiring Singers

    Hey I Rap and Songwrite I Love to Do Freestyle over the Latest Beats and Tracks Looking For Some Ppl to Collab On Weekly Covers With In Side By Side Videos?
  3. Z

    Gaming Looking for PC or xbox 360 YouTuber to collab. Between 5-30 Subscribers.

    Hey everyone, my name is ZNRO (pronounced as zenero), I am a gaming YouTuber with 14 subs, but i had previous channels that had subs up to 300 subs. Anyways, im looking for ANY gaming YouTuber that has subscribers between 5-50 subs. Obviously if you have more you can collab too but i doubt you...
  4. I

    Gaming 15 year old Muslim Funny Moments Youtuber looking for collabs on PC or Xbox one. Long term group idm

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  5. I

    Gaming Super edited funny moments vids group! Ages 14 - 18 (I'm 15 from UK) [Xbox one and/or PC]

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  6. Miranda Gene

    Other Small Youtuber looking to collaborate

    I am open to online or Shout Outs/Link Sharing/Cross Promotion only NO MEETUPS message/comment
  7. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Leicester YouTubers?

    Hi, I'm a 15 year old YouTuber who lives in Leicester. I'm looking for people to collab with. I'm planning to do skits, pranks, challenges and many other epic things. I'm currently at 244 subs. If you wanna collab, hit me up on either: YouTube: ItzKillG Twitter: ItzKillG Skype: killg786 Or even...
  8. totallyAud

    Meet Up/Gathering Gaming Collabs in the SoCal area?

    Hi guys! I haven't posted in a long time, however I was wanting to start fresh on my youtube channel again, and I was wondering if anyone in the Southern California area (preferably Los Angeles) want to game, start gaming videos, collab, meet up and do everything I just said? Let me know! I'd be...
  9. JayJay Kennedy


    We are currently looking for anyone who would be willing to do a collab... or if anyone who is working on making a collab video, and needs some more people !! Just us me know! :) If anyone has some ideas then shoot!! We are vloggers that love to do anything spontaneous!
  10. Assim Dallali


    Hey guys, my name is Assim and I am looking for another Youtuber that is able to do a collab with me. This will be a prank in public. If there are any Youtubers that live in Wembley, London then hit me up and skype then we can have a chat. Skype:- assim.dallali135 Thanks
  11. I

    Gaming Funny moments youtubers up for collabs??

    Im looking for funny moments youtubers to collab with, aged 14-19 ish and just all round funny people. Nothing else really matters to me so long as you can edit decently well. I havent been very consistent due to exams but now that theyre coming to an end im hoping to upload a lot more and i...
  12. FraYoshi

    YouCollab - a curious mail

    Have You received this YouCollab mail too? Sounds like a so interesting app ^_^ Even If YTtalk remains the best place ;)
  13. Aspo

    Gaming Calling to all committed YouTubers!

    Elloooo. My names Baxtor (even if it says Aspo.... YTTalk, help me out plz). I'm nearly 17 and upload to YouTube nearly every day, I also stream. Anyway, today I'm here to post if there's any YouTubers that consistently upload, are committed, and have a solid understanding of how YouTube...
  14. DisStalker

    Gaming Looking for Someone to Grow with

    Hey everyone I just started a YouTube channel and uploaded the first few videos. I am looking for someone or a group of people to grow with and do collabs with. What I'm looking for - Someone that is just starting out - Someone that doesn't swear - Someone around my age group (13) I will do a...
  15. BzTv

    Vlog Anyone in Central Florida?

    Hey guys I live in Central Florida and I am about a month into my YouTube journey and I really want to start doing some collabs.. I have a very very small channel and want to build it so maybe we can help each other out. Send me a message or reply to this thread and maybe we can get something...
  16. Christorious

    Gaming [Ps4] Looking for some long term collabs with people.

    Hey I'm Christorious, 16 from Ireland and I'm looking for some people from all over the world to collab with on YouTube. My channel is based around call of duty, but I do posses other games such as Fifa, GTA etc. My email is I hope to hear from some people...
  17. rassem zok (informTV)

    Gaming Fifa 16 collabs

    my friend and i are looking for awesome people to collab with ( mostly fifa) console: PS4 or PC games: Fifa 16, COD BO3, UFC 2, Rocket League... (and some more games) my skype: nabras0914 benefits of this collab: will help to grow age: between 13 and 18 must have: a decent mic, a decent...
  18. Bombiebru

    Thoughts on Collabs?

    Sorry if this is a re post. I tried searching for this but didn't get any results. So here is my questions What are your thoughts on Collabs? Do they help? How do you know if you should collab with someone? Also should you make sure and only ask for collabs from other you tubers with similar...
  19. Noob Gamer

    Gaming Fun,

    Currently looking for people to collab with for fun, not too intensive games like COD/Battlefield. Ideally, you'd be up for games like Ultimate Chicken Horse amongst other games. Get in touch!
  20. TheScouttishGamer

    Gaming I am looking for PC gaming collabs

    Hello guys, i am looking for someone who is up for some fun collabs About me: I tend to play a lot of different type of games and enjoy exploring new games I am from the UK but if you live somewhere else feel free to ask ! My Set-up Mic - Logitech G430 (It sounds good but looking to get a...
  21. illEverlee

    Collabs w/ non-youtubers help

    I've moved around a bunch in the last few years, and as a result, many friends whom I was close to no longer are, and those who still are live really far away (aside from my roommate). Currently, I want to rebrand my youtube channel to be more than just me. I want to feature a group of live...
  22. Spickyvlogs

    Vlog COLLABS needed from anywhere in the world =D

    Hey guys! I'm spicky from spicky vlogs.. so i live in china, so i don't have any collabs around here:crying: because YouTube is banned in china and people are not interested. So guys i have been one and a half weeks in YouTube and have only 21 subscribers :spin: , but i enjoy it. If anyone is...
  23. HeadSpread

    Commentary Look for some people to join the fun in the UK- SE

    Hi Guys, I've recently started a YouTube channel thats aim is to find out what the People of Britain really think. I've made a few videos and am now looking to collab. Would anyone like to get involved with some of the videos I'm making?
  24. Jorpheus

    Gaming PS4 Collabs - New youtuber

    Hey, I'm a new youtuber (Jorpheus), I'm Irish and 18 years old. I only have 9 subscribers after a week of uploading but hope to increase that! Hoping to find some people to collab with on fifa, gta, minecraft and probably the division when it comes out! Get back to me? :coolshades:
  25. Aïcha

    Beauty/Makeup Anyone wanna collab?

    Hey I'm looking to meet other youtubers and do a fun collab, as you can see I don't have much subscribers so if that's not a 'downer' oh and I'm 17
  26. R

    Comedy 12,13,14 professional YouTubers to be friends and collab together West Midlands Coventry

    Hey my names Rhys and my channel is Rhys I want to make some YouTube friends not only to collab with but also just to talk to I hope you guys are willing to meet up aswel I live in Coventry near Birmingham in the U.K. If so contact me
  27. DarrenX92

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    Hey guys! Just looking for a few guys who would possibly wanna collab either with just myself or some friends i currntly play with. We are currently playing on Xbox one and some PC games. Games i/we play are GTA,GMOD,rocket league,fifa,random co-op games,cod minigames. that kinda thing sometimes...
  28. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 #7 - Rocket Battle

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channel HanchaGaming - Alex - Music -...
  29. Luke Smith

    Meet Up/Gathering Hello There

    My Name is Luke Smith, I am new to youtube and currently have 20 subscribers, I am 17 years old and I am looking for people in East Sussex In the UK to collab with etc. I am really exited to be starting youtube and would love to be able to meet some of you.
  30. J

    Gaming PC collab for youtube or something else

    im 15 in aus so live in or near australia i have minecraft gmod left for dead 2 csgo terriaria unturned these r the games i have and play plz have skype, mic, least some of these games, thank you my skype is jtackz