1. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtube gamers!

    We are five friends that work on this Youtube channel together. Our full Youtube Channel name is Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts (KOTCH for short). We also go by our knight names: Sir Bloodstream - Roger Sir Rapturous - Christopher Sir Strangerspast - Austin Sir Sinister - Anthony Sir Chaddical...
  2. Clarissa O. & Emily G.

    Short Film Short film and beauty communities collide

    Hello everyone! :) Our channel contains a lot of beauty and life related videos, but I don't think that should stop you from collabortating with us! (Yes, I realize I'm in the short film section :P). I've always had the idea of collaborating with someone who wants to bring a funny side to the...
  3. TheJDGaming

    Gaming Looking for oculus rift gaming group

    I have an oculus rift and recently they have added lots of cool multiplayer games and so I'm trying to find people to maybe collab or just play with on some vr games that I would record and post on my channel. My gamer tag on oculus is JDBOSS13, if u wanna play then just hit me up a friend request
  4. G

    Music Looking For Collabs :)

    I usually cover pop music (typically top 40's) Feel free to check out my channel and if you're interested, please feel free to leave a comment or dm me on instagram: @gionacho :) I'm thinking we could cross promote (you ask your subscribers to check me out and vice versa), so it's a win win for...
  5. ImLeek

    Gaming XB1 Youtuber Collabs

    Hey guys this thread is for xbox one players who are youtubers looking for collabs to help grow their channel. My gamertag is Ma1ique And if you would consider it go check out my channel, comment( i really need feedback) and subscribe if you like what you see My Channel name is ImLeek
  6. Dr.Whatever

    Other Looking for channels to collab with or put in recommended list!

    I'm a advice channel. Typically for couples and singles advice but I give a range of advice. My channel's motto is It's Whatever, No, It's Dr.Whatever. In my channel I game a bit and make some skits. Honestly, It doesn't have to be that involved we could just shamelessly plug each other for...
  7. Varcos2k

    Gaming Collabs for NBA 2k17

    I wanted to do a collab for NBA 2k17. I'm a 91 Sharpshooter with all HOF badges and got the Grand badge. I play Xbox One. I want to film in MyPark playing 3v3. So I need 2 people interested. If you are interested hmu on twitter @Varcos2k so we can all agree on a time and date...
  8. Ataviro


    Hey my names Ataviro and i am looking for people to record with. I already record with 2 other youtubers regularly and we are looking to spread are ground and bring in more cool people that enjoy YouTube and ARE ACTIVE THIS IS A BIG ONE. as you might notice on my channel we all have good mics...
  9. T

    Vlog Anyone from Boston MA??????

    anyone from Boston MA wanting to collaborate?
  10. Breana

    Comedy Friendships and collabs??

    hey guys i just started up my youtube a few months ago and im looking for people to collab with, i know thats a good way to help your channel grow and i would be excited to collab with people on videos. The videos could range from challenges to skits and everything inbetween! If your interested...
  11. YardieGyalGames

    Mafia 3 Episode 6

    Hey everyone! Check out my newest upload of my mafia 3 gameplay on xbox one! If you dont have this game yet you should definitely pick it up :)
  12. YardieGyalGames

    Mafia 3 Episode 6

    Hey everyone! Check out my newest upload of my mafia 3 gameplay on xbox one! If you dont have this game yet you should definitely pick it up :)
  13. Wheelzy

    Comedy Anyone in London want to Collab for a challenge video!

    Based in London, I make challenge videos and looking for someone with similar interests to make a few videos with.
  14. Christian James

    Vlog Looking To Collab 1,000 Subs +

    Hi Everyone, I am a daily motivational vlogger with the channel Wrong Direction Vlog. I have done a few collabs before, specifically with Nate Time TV, and Sam The Vlog. They have been really helpful and i want to do more. Please let me know if you would like to try and work together. I have...
  15. Branden Morales


  16. Nichole Danbi

    Beauty/Makeup I need a collab partner for a Halloween DIY Treats video? Or Like a Fall DIY something video!:)

    Hey everyone, Anyone want to collab w me? I have 49 subscribers, but let's make dreams happen:)! Just let me know:)
  17. Jaime Salai

    Vlog Vlogtober and Future Collabs

    Hello, everyone! I'm a new youtube and I've decided to participate in vlogtober. I'm looking for other youtubers interested in doing collabs, both during October and throughout the year. I do storytimes, tags, vlogs, and beauty. Would any of you be interested? Email:
  18. Bombiebru

    If you collab with someone...

    I would love some opinions on my situation: Say you have been emailing back and forth with someone to do a collab. Everything is going good. You film and edit your video send them a screen shot to add to their video. and then the day that you both decide to upload the video you email them also...
  19. A

    Gaming PC Brawlhalla Collab

    Hey I am TwistSaxon and I need 3 youtubers who play brawlhalla or want to play Brawlhalla(Its on steam for free). I have 10 subscribers so i am pretty low but I honestly do not care how many views or subscribers you have I just want to record and play Brawlhalla as a youtube collab. Inbox me at...
  20. cozmosplays

    Gaming New friends!!

    Hi there peoples so im looking for some more friendly people to record, play games on pc and just have fun with, the only requirement i really have is that you are around my age lets say no younger than 18 i already have a great group of collab friends and we are always open to meeting new people :)
  21. imperfectlytalented

    If anyone is interested.....

    My channel name is Imperfectly Talented . I'm not on here often honestly but I'm trying to do better... I want to collab with people hmu please on Instagram imperfectlytalented or Snapchat prettygalbhad we can support each other!!!
  22. Branden Morales


    Hey guys! I'm looking for some vlogger friends! Kinda really interested to see who's out there and maybe do some future collabs one day! I hope you're having a lovely day!
  23. Bobby and Emily

    Vlog How do Collabs work?

    I see all these posts of Collabs and was just curious on how exactly they work, any insight?
  24. VisionSkillz

    Gaming [350+] PC/Steam Collab

    Hello! Here is a list of games that I have, please only add me on skype if you meet these "requirements". All on PC: -CSGO - Minecraft - Rocket League - GTA V - Garrys Mod - Far Cry 4 - Team Fortress 2 Also, I am looking into getting games such as Golf with Friends, Overwatch & Infinite...
  25. Ermelin

    Vlog Collabs with small family vloggers

    Hi guys, My family and I have been doing daily vlogs since April. I would like to collab with others family vlogger. Our channel is very small, only 47 subs. But I'm working on changing that. Let me know if you are interested and what type of video would you want to do. Thank you.
  26. J

    Gaming [pc] collab cs go funny moments

    i'm a 13 year old guy wanting to collab with someone (13+ and you need a good mic i have 0 subs)
  27. Sarin

    Collabs: Yay or nay?

    I mean, yes. Everyone says collabing will do your channel and you good and I do agree.. But dangit why is it so hard to find someone with the same amount of subs and above to collab with? Does reaching out to a bigger channel than yours even work? What are your experiences in this subject? Have...
  28. S

    Gaming Bo3 Xbox 1

    Bo3 xbox1 collabAnd pubstomping
  29. Matitude

    Gaming Collabs With All You Special People

    Of course as you can tell, I hope, that I do gaming videos. And in particular, commentary gaming videos. I want to say right off that I am not big into doing collabs with Call of Duty or anything of that such mainly because so many have done it. I want to be special and remembered for playing a...
  30. Miranda Gene

    Vlog vlogging collab group

    looking to start a collab youtube channel with people 15-20 yrs old with a channel of any size please email me if interested and reply here