1. ThatJoeyFella

    Meet Up/Gathering New to London

    Hi everyone! I just moved back to London after 10 years in Dublin and I'm looking to meet London YouTubers. I'm well known in the Irish YouTube community, but in London I don't know many people and I want to change that. Is there any events/meet ups happening soon? Cheers, Joey
  2. MeisterSandvich

    Gaming Friends!

    Hey guys. My name is Josh. You will learn more if you go check out my introduction thread. If anyone wants to be friends over games or YouTube, just comment on here. I would love to do collaborations with anyone of you all. No requirements, I love playing with everyone!
  3. FraYoshi

    Other [ITA] Auguri pazzi

    Auguri Natale: collab YouTubers ITALIA BUON NATALE!!! è IL TEMA ;D 2 clips: - 10 secs max in cui si balla in modo pazzo (audio non essenziale) - max 5 secs di solo auguri I video dovranno essere inviati entro martedì 23 dicembre al seguente indirizzo E-mail: Inserendo...
  4. K

    Comedy Looking for Collabs around the world

    Im looking for about 5 people who would want to collab on a joined account. we would pick a new topic each week and do our own videos on one channel, we can also do q&a for viewers. you could also have your own joined account with the account I have. we could all decide on a name...
  5. Heat Skeekers

    Gaming Looking For Collabs

    Hey I'm HeatSkeekers a new and very small channel. I only have 13 subs and as far as I know all of them are my friends. I'm looking for help in growing my channel and people to collaborate with. My channel is a gaming channel, so far only Cards Against Humanity online, I would like to extend...
  6. YungShawarma

    Gaming Black ops 3 zombies or multiplayer collab or just friends ??

    Just looking for some people to play black op3 with on xbox one. You can be 2 years old or 90 i dont really care as long as we have some fun. I have 96 subs and i make some funny videos on my channel (imo) but yeah, hit me up on here or on my youtube if you would like to be apart or if you just...
  7. chriskioonegamergang

    Gaming Destiny Collab on Xbox 360 and Left 4 Dead Campaign Collab

    Looking to find someone to collab with and play these games on the XBOX 360
  8. Ultiminity

    Services Offering music for youtube channels

    Hi guys no matter what type of channel you have if you need good music just quote. As long as we both get something out of it just offering a bit of help. All for free
  9. mighTYLER99

    Gaming Small PC Gamers

    Hi! My Name Is Ty, Anyways I'm A Small PC Gaming Youtuber And Would Like To Collab! My Only Requirements Are: You Comment Below Your Skype, U Are 14+, And U Don't Cuss I Play A Variety Of Games, Mainly Minecraft And Free Steam Games, Thanks For Reading!
  10. IsaacAdni

    Gaming Minecraft PC Collab

    I’ve just started a Minecraft channel (youtube/MineyCraftyMC) and I would love to collaborate on a Hunger Games video or something like that. I will add you to the featured channel list on my main channel and on my Minecraft channel, and I will give you a shoutout on my main channel and my...
  11. M

    Gaming Looking To Collab With COD YouTubers

    i have 10subs on my new channel but I made it yesterday my old one had over 100 and am looking to Collab with someone who plays call of duty and uplands regularly
  12. mighTYLER99

    Gaming Looking For Fellow PC Gamers

    my name is Tyler/Rex and I mainly play minecraft and steam games (my steam name is crittercorner if you wanna see the games I play) I'm 16 and if u wanna collab, u just have to: not cuss, be close to my age, and have skype :D please comment ur skype and YouTube name if ur interested ohh my...