1. PhysicsFreak

    Gaming Starting a gaming group on PC

    Hello I am Jake from State Farm and I want subs so let's do a collaboration cause that all ways works. Requirements : 100+ Subs MLG Pro Skills HATES ROBLOX 12 - 16 Years Old Will never call me bad Games I Play : Minecraft, Rocket League, Random Steam Games. pls help I need...
  2. M

    Gaming Group Looking to Collab *NO MINECRAFT*

    Our group is looking to collab with some people to make short and funny videos. Content We are Not Looking For.... No mine craft videos No videos that exceed 15 minutes or so Things We Might Do Make short and funny video and have fun doing them try to grow play random games (old or new)...
  3. OfficialAuxiliary

    Commentary Looking for YouTuber wanting success.

    Hello fellow YouTuber, If you are looking for people to collaborate with stop right here. I have put together a team of hard working YouTubers just like you, and have made it easy to gain real success fast and the only way to do that in today's day in age on YouTube is to help each other out...
  4. BrandonNexus


    Hey guys my name is GigaPlayerX and this is a call to all PS4 gamers looking for a chance to grow their channel and make a large crew for videos. But there are a few requirements to join this team: Own the following games: -Godzilla -GTA Online -COD Black Ops 3 (I mostly play Zombies and I also...
  5. Bammer213

    Gaming PC Collabs

    Hey all! I am new to YouTube and am looking for someone to collab with. I'd prefer someone around my age (16) and in the US. If you live somewhere we might be able to work something out. I only have 5 subs atm but I've only posted 10 vids. I've only done minecraft so far but am willing to...
  6. Will Latimer

    Gaming Zombies PS4 (BO3)

    Any people that like playing zombies and want to make videos on it or just to play, i'm bored of solo and looking for potential collabs
  7. TheGamingCorner

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    Hello, I am a new gaming youtuber who is looking for people to collab with. I mostly play Payday 2, GTAV, Gmod and random Gamejolt games but I am up for suggestions on what to play together. -No subscriber limit -Would prefer if you were at least 13 years old but if you are not you can still...
  8. DigiCorner

    Gaming Consistent Collaborations

    Hey everyone. If you've read the title you already know what I'm looking for. Most of the people I have recorded with in the past have either quit YouTube or I have lost contact with them unfortunately. So, I'm looking for some new people who want to collab on anything really! And more than...
  9. SheepDreams


    Hello people i'm Sheepy! Just looking for a fun gaming session! Those that suck at comedy can still join! We can do all sorts of games pc and ps4. Everyone is welcome guys, girls, men, woman, Apache helicopters, toasters. Together we shall rank in the algorithm of youtube and become the ultimate...
  10. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actors Needed!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (mainly short countdowns) coming up, that I'm going to be needing a handful of voice actors for that, Most of the roles are fairly short and simple. Well, i lost my Old Channel in that i had lot...
  11. TheToastGamer

    Bendy and The Ink Machine- I wasn't ready

    What is up guys! My name is Lexi & I am back with another horror episode of bendy and the ink machine & yes there are quite a few jump scares.. and i do scream a lot haha. If you've liked this video feel free to check out my channel, i'm looking for more gamers to play with & be friends with!
  12. Gene Livingston


    Hey guys! I've started my channel and have been uploading at least twice a day, looking to collab with some youtubers who share interest in the topics in my Title (Film,NBA, Hip Hop) Would also love any advice on growth or overall constructive criticism of the channel! Would be interested in...
  13. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with on PC

    Hey, I'm James. I am looking for a group of people of age atleast 18+ which would like to colab on various games. Like BF, Rocket League, Fifa, Cod basically any games we may share. Maybe introduce forfeit for losing or something game dependant but basically having fun playing. I do have...
  14. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Looking for Male/Female Voice Actors

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine relating to my channel I'm working on. Email Me if Your Interested : Or Comment!
  15. TheToastGamer

    I just hit 200 subs!

    It's crazy to think that i only started in February (the 14th to be precise) and despite the fact that it's only been 2 and 3/4 months,I have so many subs already! I know it may not seem like a lot, but think about standing in front of 200 people and doing a public speech... that's when you...
  16. L

    Gaming Want to meet some people and do some collabs :)

    I'm Luminus or Dylan, I want to do some collabs on some games like The Forest, G-Mod, Minecraft, COD or really any game haha, if you're wanting to do a collab or just be friends let me know message me on twitter @LuminusHD or let me know somehow haha!
  17. Eddie Henderson

    Comedy Looking to collab with other pranksters

    If you are a prankster public or around the house prankster shoot me a message!! Im extremely dedicated to YouTube and to my channel so please be serious about collabing. Im also open for doing funny challenges as well! I live in Northwest Indiana/Chicago Land area. Im funny, great to get along...
  18. T

    Commentary Political commentary and analysis

    Hi to anyone that reads this, I found this site purely by accident. I present my own YouTube analysis show, now with 200 subs and still in its infancy. Politics can, I guess be boring sometimes. But I present it in an honest way. Things do need to change for the next generation. The channel gets...
  19. The Bulldozer

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab with!

    I'm running a channel called The Bulldozer where I upload funny gaming videos on games like CSGO and Golf with your Friends. I'd really like to do a few collabs and meet some new people, perhaps help each other out with our content too! I'm 18 and from Wales and usually have a group of 4 of us...
  20. Lewis Knight

    5 Annoying things teachers do!!

    i uploaded a new video of annoying things that teachers do, could you give it a watch and let me know what you thinks :) Thank you!! :D
  21. Lewis Knight

    Comedy Any Brighton based Youtubers :P

    I live (pretty much) in Brighton and want to start doing collabs, I think preferably our content should be similar and feel as though we'll get on well (i get on well with anyone and everyone)
  22. Lewis Knight

    400 subscribers :D

    Just hit 400 subscribers with 6000 channel views :D
  23. Sorrel

    Beauty/Makeup Collabs?

    looking for beauty/fashion collabs. Live in London so would be cool if u did too but also up for distant collars!! message me on snapchat sorrelesther as i don't really check this xxx
  24. M


    Hey guys, I am new in this forum and this is my first thread lol. My name is Gina and I live in Germany. Currently I am looking for people to do collabs with. I have a few ideas for funny Youtube challenges so if you are between 14-18 years old (I am 17) and you want to join... just email me...
  25. C

    Gaming Looking for members to join my youtube group!!! (Xbox one)

    I Am looking for some people to collaborate with on Xbox one and create some Funny moment videos The idea of the group us to bring people together and do videos together. If you wanna know more dm me on Twitter: @Cocoallthetime
  26. xandru8

    Other I am back for collabs

    You young lings might not know me but the Vets might still remember me, I have made a post here last time I was on about a collaboration with others that would go up on my channel. It would be one a week and it would role around different topics, favorite games, trends you are following and...
  27. Glenwin

    Gaming Looking for channels to collaborate with!

    Hello! I have a small youtube channel called TheGlenwin where I make videos on funny gaming moments. I like to stream on Twitch too but my internet is pretty s**t so RIP quality. I haven't uploaded anything in quite a while but i'm hoping to kick start the regular uploads again and was thinking...
  28. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators! (16+)

    (deleting content for privacy reasons)
  29. B

    Gaming Collaborating for gaming!

    I have 2000 subscribers (you must have more subs than me or very close to me), and I play almost all games... My channel is BrazeyMatic... check it out and hit me back :) Thanks :)
  30. ItzAlexDuhVlog


    Hello fellow Youtubers!, I'm fairly new to YouTube I created my channel on December 2016 & im looking for Vlogger friends to chat & also future collabs! You can email me at Looking Forward To Meeting You!