Gaming Funny moments youtubers up for collabs??


Im looking for funny moments youtubers to collab with, aged 14-19 ish and just all round funny people. Nothing else really matters to me so long as you can edit decently well. I havent been very consistent due to exams but now that theyre coming to an end im hoping to upload a lot more and i think getting a group together will help a ton for all of us involved. Im English (from Nottingham) aged 15 and follow UK time. I play PC and Xbox One.
Hello I am looking for a group of people to do something like this. I am 14 years old also. I am a new channel, my old channel had 150+ subs but I deleted it because I didn't feel like I was going anywhere with it. I play pc and Xbox one. Lately I have been messing around on Cod 4 getting funny clips with mods and just random things for a new video. If you would like to collab sometime email me
What games do u play and also same with me I haven't posted on YouTube in a while cause finals and getting new PC/monitir